The StiltSoft company was founded by Maxim Kuzmich and Alexander Kuznetsov in 2010 in Belarus. We are quite a young company. But we've already received recognition as Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and Atlassian Verified Vendor. Today StiltSoft is a close-knit team of professionals who create software products for more than 4,000 customers worldwide.

Our Team

  • Andrey Khaneev Developer
  • Roman Kirilenko DevOps
  • Yury Kleshchenok Developer
  • Katerina Kolina Business Analyst
  • Dmitry Kostochko Developer
  • Katerina Kovriga Product Analyst
  • Elena Kuzmich Accountant
  • Maxim Kuzmich Co-founder
  • Alexander Kuznetsov Co-founder
  • Kseniya Lysenko Product Analyst
  • Alexander Okulovich Developer
  • Andrey Orlov Developer
  • Yury Orlov Developer
  • Alexander Ovsyannikov Developer
  • Alexander Papkevich Developer
  • Natalie Paramonova Product Analyst
  • Alexander Pytlev SysAdmin/DevOps
  • Katerina Rudkovskaya Support Engineer
  • Vadim Rutkevich Business Analyst
  • Katerina Sakun Office Manager
  • Irina Sanikovich Technical Writer
  • Maria Sirazh HR manager
  • Alexander Sundukov Developer
  • Dmitry Trofimov Product Analyst
  • Anastasia Voronova Product Analyst
  • Dmitry Zagorovsky Developer

Our Customers

Contact us

Phone: +375 (29) 13-44-044
Email: info@stiltsoft.com
Address: Belarus 246050, Gomel, Gagarina str., bld. 49, 2-19