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Evaluate Team Performance

People Contributors Code Frequencу Punchcard

Global overview across all repos

Browse developers from all projects in one place. Easily find out who contributed code in Bitbucket in the past month, week or day. See the dynamics and statistics of each developer and figure out who's been most active.


Capture trends

See the progress of your team, identify bottlenecks and analyze trends. Choose metrics that suit you best: lines of code added/deleted or commits.


Watch your project evolve

Capture the history of your project in lines of code: added, deleted and total. Changes to code made by all developers who ever worked on the project are combined to give you a bird's eye view and new perspective for planning and retrospectives.


View commit frequency

See the summary of commits in a repository or project by the day of the week and the hour of the day to learn when the work is done. Pick the time span for the graph and decide whose commits to count: made by one developer, some developers or everyone.

Analуze Contribution of Each Developer

Developer Calendar Top Contributors Contributions Report

Take a close look at developer activity

View the calendar of all contributions a particular developer made in the past year. At a glance, get sight of busy and slow days, see what repositories the person committed into and browse the activity stream with user's pull requests and commits for the period of your choice.


Compare the input from different people

Evaluate the share of each developer. View how many lines of code and commits each developer contributed to the project. Find out who's been most productive in the team - their cards are on the top.


Analyze code quality and code review

Learn what reviewers contribute in code review more efforts than others. View pull requestst of what authors had more activities (tasks, comments, changes of status). Get insights about the quality of code produced by each developer.

Track Activity


Stay up-to-date

See who did what in a repository or project - yesterday, last week, month, year or during a sprint. Find out how many commits the team made and how many pull requests were opened, merged and declined. Get insights into who's been working on the project and how active each developer was.

Visualize Development Flow


Make sense of branch history

See the merge history and the relationships between commits with Commit Graph. You can click a change set to highlight its ancestors and switch between 'branch' and 'all branches' views.

Build Reports

Breakdown of Pull Requests Created vs Merged Top Committers Resolution Time Time-to-Resolve Analysis

Summarize statistics about pull requests

Configurable pie charts let you know how many pull requests each developer made compared to others, how active different reviewers were, if there are more open, merged or declined pull requests, what branches pull requests were made into.


See bottlenecks

Get data for analyzing if something needs to be changed in your code review workflow and practice. Find out if changes tend to be approved and merged before new pull requests are opened.


Analyze commit frequency of developers

Visualize the dynamics of commit activity of one, several or all developers. Compare the commit activity of different committers. Decide who to include in the report and what time span to cover. Details are always at hand - activity stream with commits is right below the graph.


Keep an eye on changes in resolution time

Find out how long it took to merge or decline pull requests at different periods. Observe how average resolution time is changing over time.


See the most common resolution times

View pull requests distributed by resolution time. Learn what pull requests of the period were resolved quicker or slower than the majority. Predict resolution time of future pull requests.


What Customers Say

Arek Sredzki

“This plugin is polished, easy to use, and feels native to Bitbucket. It adds features that we missed when switching from Github. Now we can track our development velocity far more easily!”

What Customers Say

Csaba Sari

“Great plugin with great support. Our developers want exactly the same graphs as Github has - and now they have them. All of them. Thank you for it :-) ”

What Customers Say

Javier López Ruiz

“I am in charge of several people in a development project and this tool helps me to see the best tasks assignation, the team performance and the critical points along the year. On this way, I can take best decisions to reduce costs and shorten the turnaround time for the solutions...”

What Customers Say

Alexander Sideropoulos

“Fantastic add-on with lots of stats for your repositories. Team is super responsive to feedback and fixing issue, too! Definitely give this add-on a try.”

What Customers Say

William Crighton

“Great Graphs! Lots of added value when needing to do quick demo's to management who have yet to grasp the meanings of the letters that make up d v c s”

What Customers Say

Ruth Cheesley

“Really great plugin, ideal if you need a visual overview of activity on your repo's.”
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