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JIRA TeamCity Integration Plugin 1.4.0 – Available Today

StiltSoft continues to improve its Atlassian JIRA and TeamCity integration. The previous major update was released a month ago and now we are proud to present new version of the plugin with significant improvements for JIRA administrators. Please meet JIRA TeamCity Integration 1.4.0!

Progress of Initial indexing of builds

Initial indexing of TeamCity builds which is performed after JIRA restart or the plugin reinstall can take a significant amount of time. Customers with huge TeamCity instances have complained that they can’t estimate how much time is needed to finish indexing. Also there is no information if indexing is running or it is “stuck” on any corrupted build. Now an administrator and every JIRA user can see indexing progress onto TeamCity tab.

Errors statistics

New Troubleshooting page allows you to see all errors raised when receiving information about builds from TeamCity. These statistics give to an administrator an idea how his TeamCity integration is performing. You can use this page as starting point when indexing process won’t finish or TeamCity tabs show you an error message.

Also this page contains option to restart indexing of TeamCity builds all over again.

Compatibility changes

We are trying to keep pace with Atlassian and have released JIRA TeamCity Integration which is compatible with Atlassian JIRA 5.2! If you haven’t upgraded to JIRA 5.2 yet you should read what’s new in this version. JIRA 5.2 is available today!

Also we’ve restored broken compatibility with TeamCity 6.0. But at the same time we are working with TeamCity 7.x perfectly,

Warning: This is the last major update which is compatible with JIRA 4.4. Next major update of the plugin will be compatible only with JIRA 5.0+.

Other improvements

New option to skip builds which can not be received from TeamCity due to any errors (network errors, TeamCity integrity errors).

Caution: please enable this option only if you have permanent problems with TeamCity connectivity and initial indexing won’t complete.