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More than 1000 downloads of Awesome Graphs Plugin for Atlassian Stash

We were excited to notice that Awesome Graphs recently reached the milestone of 1000 downloads, which makes it the most popular plugin for Atlassian Stash, a great tool for creating and managing Git repositories. The second most downloadable plugin got only half as many downloads as Awesome Graphs has.

Awesome Graphs for Stash is a Codegeist 2012 winner plugin that converts Git repositories stats into nice-looking graphs and charts.

Showing commit info by commiters, weeks and even days and hours, Awesome Graphs gives you a better idea of who and when contributes to your repository. Learn more about Awesome Graphs features on its page.

We want to thank all Awesome Graphs for Stash users and hope that our enterprise customers will love an upcoming version of the plugin that improves performance with large repositories. Meanwhile, we’ll be happy to receive your feedback on the plugin here.