Atlassian Stash

Awesome Graphs for Atlassian Stash Got Faster

Awesome Graphs is a great plugin for Atlassian Stash that visualizes commit statistics for Git repositories. However, it had an annoying flaw – it didn’t work well with large repositories. Every time when you wanted to see a graph, the plugin calculated the commit stats from scratch. For large repositories it could take a long time, which resulted in a timeout error after a minute of waiting. Moreover, if two or more users wanted to see the graph simultaneously, it was plotted separately for each user overloading the server.

That was really painful for enterprise users. But we managed to identify the problem and solve it in the new version of Awesome Graphs. Now, the calculated repository statistics is indexed and shows immediately when you fire up the graph. The index is reset at the Stash restart. Every time you open a repo graph, the plugin prepares statistics only for new commits made since the last graph run and adds it to the existing statistics without calculating everything all over again. Finally, only one instance of the statistics is produced for any number of users requesting it.

Version 1.2.0 is already out there, upgrade your Awesome Graphs plugin and get your repo stats in a wink.