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Evernote Integration for Atlassian Confluence Gets Updated

Did you know that you can connect your Evernote account to Atlassian Confluence? Your notes, pictures, videos and audio stored in Evernote can be shared with your colleagues on Confluence pages. With the Evernote Integration plugin you don’t bother to copy your notes manually, it does the job perfectly. You can collect your text notes, pictures, audio and video from Evernote and make them available to your team, still your Evernote account can be accessed only by you.

In the recently released plugin version we introduced some cool features that make the Evernote and Confluence integration even smoother. It’s easier now to scroll through your Evernote notebook, since the plugin shows 15 notes on the loading screen and allows you to jump to 15 older notes. When loading a note, you will see a progress bar, which might be helpful when integrating larger notes with lots of content.  If something goes wrong during the loading process, you’ll be notified about the problem and advised to fix it.

Install the plugin for free and make your life easier!