Atlassian Confluence

Talk Plugin Got Improved @mentions

@mentions is a handy function in Confluence that helps you to draw somebody’s attention to a Talk discussion. By mentioning persons, you automatically add them to the watchers of the page, so they will be receiving notifications about discussion updates on this page.

Until recently, Talk Plugin for Confluence supported mentions with some restrictions. You should have entered the username of the person you want to mention, which had some drawbacks. First, you should have known what the username is, and that wasn’t easy to find out in Confluence. Second, you should enter it manually with the risk of mistyping something.

A new Talk version introduces the auto-completion in @mentions, now you can start typing the person’s name (no more usernames!) and select them from the list of suggested users. Easy!

And this works for all comments you add, including the first one.

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