Atlassian Confluence

Search is Available for Confluence Evernote Add-on

Great news for more than a thousand users of Evernote Add-on for Atlassian Confluence! The search feature that many missed so much is finally introduced in version 1.5.0 available at Marketplace. Now, if you have lots of notes you don’t have to scroll through all of them to find the one you want to share in Confluence. Type what are you looking for and select the note from the search result.

The search offers really vast possibilities for finding notes. Not only can you search by note titles and words in the note content, the entire Evernote search grammar is now at your disposal. The most useful highlights may be search by tags, notebooks and note modification dates. And to crown it all, search by handwritten text inside your notes is also possible! A quick example demonstrating the power of the new search: type resource:image/* in the Search box and you’ll get all notes that contain pictures.

Give the new version a spin and make the most of the Evernote and Confluence integration. Please note that the new version is compatible only with Confluence 5.0 and higher. And yes, if you prefer to scroll through your notes manually, you still can do that either using a mouse or a keyboard.