Atlassian Confluence

Handsfree Add-on for Confluence: Create Confluence Content by Voice

Need to add content to Confluence? Put aside your keyboard because you don’t need it anymore. What you really will need now is a microphone. With the Handsfree add-on, you can tell Confluence to add a text or a comment. And by tell we mean tell – that is dictate whatever you want and Handsfree will recognize your speech and convert it to text. You might want only to check spelling and punctuation.

This has become possible thanks to Web Speech API implemented in Handsfree. Web Speech API is a cutting edge technology that transforms speech into text. Right now you can use Handsfree for speech recognition in Google Chrome v.25+ for English, German, French, and Japanese. If you prefer a browser other than Chrome, you can use Handsfree as a wiki editor for creating new pages in Blueprint.

Handsfree is easy to use. You’ll need only to connect a mike and make sure it’s working. Don’t forget to allow Chrome to use it.

To dictate a text and a title for a new page, you should click the Create button on the upper bar and choose Handsfree.

Chrome will ask permission to use your mike, click Allow in the pop-up bar.

The page creation window is pretty much the same as the window used for creating a page with a keyboard. The only difference is the microphone icon which blinking while recognizing your voice. Click into the Page title box and pronounce the page name. If you want to stop recognizing your voice, click the microphone icon. Do the same for the Page content box.Edit the text if necessary and click Create.

Adding content to an existing page is also possible. To do that in the Edit mode choose Handsfree from the Insert menu and say what you want to add at the current cursor position.

Besides adding page content, you also can comment pages and blogs by voice. After installing Handsfree, you will see its box under the standard comment box at the bottom of a page. Clicking into it will bring you to Handsfree window where you dictate your comment.

We hope that Handsfree will bring your Confluence experience to another level. You can download the add-on from Markeplace free of charge. We’ll be happy to know what you think about it, leave your review on its page or send us an email.