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Talk Plugin Tips: Do You Use Confluence Wiki Markup in Talk Comments?

Have you ever had a chance to use wiki markup? Before Confluence 4, wiki markup was the main content creating and editing tool in Confluence. Yes, there was RichText editor along with wiki markup, but converting pages from wiki to RTE would led to various unexpected and annoying consequences, and this was the reason why many users prefered wiki markup for editing pages.

With Confluence 5.1 being already released now, one can still find vestiges of wiki markup. For example, you can insert a wiki text typed in a third-party text editor. As you paste the text (Insert > Wiki Markup), it will be properly formatted. This might be handy if you write something in your iPhone when you’re on the go (however, you can use Evernote for this).

Some wiki syntax is recognized directly in the Editor mode in Confluence 4/5. Surround a word with the * signs to make it bold, or with the _ sign to make it italic, the h2. makes the current line a heading 2. This really helps to format any text.

Talk Plugin Supports Wiki Markup

Wiki markup is still useful if you need to format a text quickly. As Confluence announced stopping the wiki support starting from version 4, we were developing Talk – an add-on for Atlassian Confluence that enables you to ask a question and start a discussion with your colleagues right when reading a page. The fact that Confluence abandoned wiki markup full support didn’t prevent us from using it in Talk Plugin.

With underlined or bold text, links to pages directly in a Talk comment, you can gain more expressiveness and focus your colleagues attention on a question that is important to you.

Usage Examples

Below are some examples of the wiki markup syntax:

*bold* — bold

_italic_ — italics

-strikethrough- — strikethrough

[link to|] — link to

(!), (/), (+), (-), :) — warningforbiddensmile

You can learn more about Confluence wiki syntax here.

If you like the idea of discussing question right on a Confluence a page, please remember that you can make the discussions more visually attractive. For that, you can try Talk Plugin in action in our Sandbox or download it from Atlassian Marketplace and generate a free trial 30-day license.