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Smarter Awesome Graphs Is on the Way

More stats is always better! We’re going to enhance Awesome Graphs for Stash with the Code Frequency graph. Moreover, as many of you requested, we’re adding the ability to select a repository branch.

Code Frequency shows a number of added (green) and deleted (red) code lines over a lifetime of a project. The blue dotted line and the right-hand scale represent a total of code lines in the branch at a given time.

And if your team commits to different branches, you will now be able to have all Awesome Graphs statistics for any of them. This won’t require any plugin reconfiguration or Stash reloading. Just select the branch you need from the drop-down menu and enjoy your graphs.

We’re currently fine-tuning this functionality and invite everyone who wants to test it to contact our support for the installation file.

After we test this plugin version, we will offer it on Marketplace. We’re going to make this version paid, which will allow us to spend more time on this stunning plugin and make your Stash experience more rewarding. However, if you’re happy with the current Awesome Graphs and don’t need these features, you won’t need to buy any license and will keep using the current plugin functionality in this and future versions absolutely free of charge.

Thank you for your understanding and feel free to test the new version!