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Talk Plugin Helps Children in Need

If you ever visited the Purchase page of Talk, a plugin that inserts inline comments to Confluence pages, you might notice that all proceedings from 10-user licenses are intended to be donated to charity. When planning Talk pricing policy, we were inspired by Atlassian who donate their Confluence Starter licenses to a charity that helps improve education in the developing world.

We sold several dozens of 10-user licenses since the first version of Talk was released more than a year ago. These sells make up a considerable sum of money to donate, so we decided that it was time to make this world a bit better. After a brief discussion, we chose a medical and educational charity – to sent the money to. We believe that this is a right choice since this organization supports seriously ill children and orphans and the money will be spent on a kid who badly needs a serious medical treatment.

image2013-6-18 11-2-19

We can assure our present and potential customers that all future sells will also be donated. And we’d like to thank all our users and especially those who bought 10-user licenses. You made this world better!