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Let Us Introduce Awesome Graphs version 1.3.0

As promised earlier we present the revamped Awesome Graphs for Stash. We’d like to thank all beta-testers who helped us polish the plugin before the final release. This is a truly milestone version since it adds brand new functionality that converts Awesome Graphs into a powerful analysis tool.

Until now, Awesome Graphs only showed the stats in terms of commits. The new Code Frequency graph brings repository statistics to the next level. The graph shows how many code lines were added and deleted at any given period of time from the project start giving a development team a detailed insight into it.

Another great feature introduced in version 1.3.0 is the long-awaited possibility to select a repository branch to analyze. Now, you can easily switch between all branches and get your graphs for any of them. This shouldn’t take long even on large repositories since we improved performance.

We also change the license policy from this release on. Awesome Graphs is now a freemium plugin, which means that you will use the good old Contributors, Commits and Punchcard functions for free and the advanced functions like Code Frequency and branch selection will require purchasing a commercial license. You’re welcome to generate an evaluation license key and test this functionality for 30 days free of charge. For details about the license policy and other questions, please, see refer to our updated documentation. As for the prices, please see this table:

Stash Users
Price in USD
1-10 10
11-25 450
26-50 850
51-100 1500
101-500 3000
1-500 Enterprise 3000
500-1000 Enterprise
1000-2000 Enterprise
2000-10000 Enterprise 12000
10000+ Enterprise 18000

Feel free to install version 1.3.0 from Atlassian Marketplace, or upgrade your plugin in UPM. In the latter case you’ll see the notification about a paid update. We do not charge you for this version automatically, you’ll be able to evaluate the new features for free and buy a license later in order to continue using them.

You can leave your feedback at Marketplace or email us at You can also use to share your ideas about future improvements.