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Contributions for Awesome Graphs: Making Stats Personal!

Awesome Graphs for Stash got a new improvement. Now, you can see contribution stats for each user for all repos and branches. This may be handy when you want to check what exactly somebody of your team commited and how productive they are. And by contributions we understand not only commits, but linked JIRA issues and pull requests created by users. For example, Jonathon Creenaune from Atlassian commits to the repositories of the AUI project (by the way, thanks for the great job, Jonathon!). This is how his calendar will look like:

For every day over the past year you can get an exact number of commits by a selected user. The more commits a day contains, the more darker it is, grey squares mean no commits on this day.

By clicking a specific date in the calendar, you’ll see a detailed description of commits made on this day and JIRA issues connected to these commits.

Also, you can learn about periods of continuous commit and pull request activity (called streaks) – a good thing for self-motivation, by the way.

We hope you’d love this new feature and tell us about what you think on the add-on’s page at Atlassian Marketplace. Your suggestions are always welcome on