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Awesome Graphs for Stash: Learn Even More about Contributors

If you’re involved in software development, you must have heard of Atlassian Stash, a great tool for managing Git repositories. At StiltSoft, we use it extensively with the Awesome Graphs add-on. Awesome Graphs is a nice addition to Stash, if you want to monitor your team performance with neatly looking commit statistics.

Recently, we spruced up the add-on with a couple of handy features. In the Contributors tab where you can see the commit graph over the last year, we added a menu where you can select between overall commits, code line additions or deletions. We already had this kind of information in the Code Frequency tab. But this graph is available only in the paid version of the add-on, while Contributors is free for anyone.

To make work with the graph in Contributors even more rewarding, we also made it possible to select a range of weeks in the graph by dragging across it.

Let’s see how these two features can work together. Say, we want to see who exactly added that much code last autumn. First, select Additions in the menu above the graph, and then drag across the peak of activity in the graph and see top committers with their personal commit graphs below.

If a committer is a also Stash user, you can see detailed information about their commits, pull requests and related JIRA issues by clicking the name in Contributors. You’ll see the Contributions graph where you can also drag across days to select a period of time as shown below:

You can try Awesome Graphs for free during 30 days. And even if you decide to use the free version after the evaluation period is over, you will still be able to choose between commits, additions and deletions in the Contributors tab.