Atlassian Confluence

New Pricing for Talk Inline Comments

Have you tried our add-on for inserting contextual comments for Confluence – Talk? If no, it’s high time to do so, because we’re going to reprice it in 30 days. So you still have time to evaluate Talk for free and buy it at a lower price.

The reason we put new prices on Talk is we’re going to invest significantly more time and effort in it. Our roadmap includes several highly demanded features like discussion archiving and search, the ability to insert comments in the View mode and some others. Lately, we have already implemented many useful features, for example, permission management and discussion history. We’ve released almost 30 versions since Talk was first marketed. So the add-on has now much more value than it had when the old prices were set.

The prices we’re going to introduce will be as follows:

10 users 25 users 50 users 100 users 500 users 2000 users 10000 users 10000+ users
$10 $200 $400 $800 $2000 $4000 $6000 $7200

Once these prices are set, all existing customers will have additional 60 days for renewing or upgrading their licenses at old prices. If you already have a Talk license and are going to renew\upgrade it at Atlassian Marketplace, it will be showing an old price by default for the next 90 days from now. If you prefer to buy a license directly from us, please, email us your order details. Additionally, you can buy an extra support period (up to three years) instead of the default one year period.

We’re always open to your suggestions regarding add-on improvements and new functionality. In fact, some of the implemented features were proposed by users who contacted our tech support. We will be happy to get your feedback and answer your questions about new pricing.