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Talk Inline Comments Gets Permission Management

And finally it’s here! Permission management for Talk is implemented in version 1.8.0. What’s so cool about it?

First, you can now use Talk more extensively without sacrificing your privacy. Imagine the situation when you have a page that can be viewed by your team as well as your customers. You want to discuss some issues with your colleagues, but you don’t want your customers know about that. With rights management, you can restrict viewing the discussions you want to keep private to your team only.

Second, permission management can be set on two levels: for all discussions in a space or for an individual discussion, which gives you a great deal of flexibility in deciding who can view what.

If you want certain users or user groups to view all discussions in a space by default, you can set this in Space Tools – Permissions – Talk Permissions.


In this case all newly created discussions in the space will be restricted to these users. If nobody is specified in this list, everyone who has access to the space can view discussions in it.

However, if you want to add (or remove) some users for a certain discussion, you can easily do it even after the discussion is created. You can hand-pick either individual users or user groups or combinations of both:


Moreover, now you can find new ways of using Talk. For example, you can leave some personal notes or reminders on a page and make them visible only to you. Later you can remove these notes or make them visible to the others by adding other users to the permissions list. We’re going to have another post showing permission management in more detail, you won’t miss it if you follow StiltSoft on Twitter and Facebook.

Talk restrictions always apply to viewing a whole discussion. Users without permissions don’t see any Talk clouds or icons in the View mode. In the Edit mode, however, they can see the Talk icons, but not a discussion proper. You can remove the restrictions at any time, if you feel that everyone should have their say. As it was earlier, editing rights for discussions are determined by page permissions. If someone doesn’t have editing rights for a page, you can’t enable them to add comments with the Talk permissions.

If you want to try the new Talk before buying it, please visit our demo page. Please, let us know what you think about the new feature by email or on the add-on page at Marketplace. Your ideas about making Talk better are always welcome at