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Unleash Power of Virtual Agents for Bamboo

Have you ever thought of how to benefit from remote agents on virtual machines and Bamboo? Without any input of yours? Without monitoring availability of a specific agent on the dedicated virtual machine?

We decided to make your dreams come true. We are happy to announce that a new version of VMware Add-on for Bamboo has been released. It has changed its name for Virtual Agents for Bamboo. Besides name change, its functionality has been significantly expanded and enhanced. It is no longer a tool for only starting or stopping virtual machines, the add-on has grown up and is offering many more capabilities than ever before.

So what benefits does it offer? Everyone knows that Bamboo offers a limited license for remote agents, which are also quite expensive. So it becomes a big deal when you need dozens of agents with specific environment. Here come virtual machines, but you need all the time to start and stop them, continuously monitor the queued tasks and be very nervous just not to miss start of the appropriate virtual machine with the agent.

vmware diagram blog

All these problems can be quickly and easily resolved with Virtual Agents for Bamboo. You need only once to configure the agent on the virtual machine and then create a mapping between agent and virtual machine in Bamboo, and that’s it. The add-on monitors the queue of Bamboo tasks, and automatically matches the agent to the pending task.

Then it starts the corresponding virtual machine where the build or deployment task is executed. Afterwards the add-on verifies that there are no other tasks that can be executed by the agent on the running virtual machine. Then the virtual machine is stopped so it frees the agent slot for another agent on the virtual machine that matches the next task in the queue.

Create mapping form blog

So Virtual Agents for Bamboo can minimize your routine tasks and boost your productivity in releasing or deploying your software projects in multiple environments.

Additionally, you get updated tasks to set wait time before performing tasks on the virtual machine or to perform hard or soft shutdown of the running virtual machine. This makes the add-on quite a good assistant for any administrator and can save a plenty of time on boring and time-wasting tasks.

The add-on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. So don’t wait. Install it and start using!