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Plain Tasks – Your JIRA Todo Lists

Integrate TeamCity and JIRA quickly and easily.

Love todo lists? Adore check lists? Like to keep things as simple as possible?

So do we. But when it comes to implementation of your lists it’s hard to find the best solution. JIRA gives you power in your tasks, but the price is complexity and not the best speed of your work. Confluence lets you make super easy task lists but with a very little control over them.

So is it possible to combine power of JIRA and ease of Confluence in one product?

Please meet Plain Tasks add-on for JIRA OnDemand!


Plain Tasks lets you hide all JIRA complexity behind one small task list. Of course you’re always able to go back to full JIRA features.

How can I use it?

  • Keeping a bunch of small personal tasks in JIRA
  • Adoption of JIRA newbies
  • Working on a common task list with your teammates

The add-on is especially great for JIRA Simplified Workflow.

Key features:

  • One plain task list for your whole project
  • Each task list item is an issue in your JIRA project
  • Ability to resolve and reopen tasks in one single click. Really!
  • Super fast new tasks creating right on the task list page
  • Quick adding of comments to issues

Just see the video

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