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Use Talk Inline Comments 2.0 with Your Favorite Theme

Recently released Talk version 2.0 introduced a stunning feature that will make commenting in Confluence much easier and faster. Now you can insert new comments in the View mode. This feature is a real time-saver since you don’t need to click the Edit button and insert a Talk macro in the editor.

With Talk 2.0, you can just hover a mouse over a paragraph you want to comment on, and click the pop-up Talk icon to insert a new comment. This also works for images and table cells.

Importantly, this functionality is available not only for the default theme, but also for the Documentation theme that comes by default with Confluence, and several of themes by third-party vendors.

In the screen shot below, you can see already inserted discussions on a page with the default theme enabled.

Talk within Default Theme


You might have noticed the Talk button in the upper part of the page. By clicking it you can get to the Talk settings and decide whether or not you want to see the comments sidebar with discussion clouds on your pages. Also, you can disable adding discussions in the View mode and use editor to insert a macros like you would do in Talk versions earlier than 2.0. Below is an example of a page with the Documentation theme and comment sidebar enabled.

Talk within Documentation Theme


Look how the same page looks in another custom theme – Refined Wiki. The comment sidebar is hidden here, so you can only see Talk icons in the text. However, clicking an icon will automatically show all comments with the focus on the relevant discussion cloud. Also, you can use a button on the side of a page for quick toggling the comment sidebar.

The Talk icon with a plus sign indicates that you can add a new discussion where you mouse pointer is.

Talk within Refined Wiki Theme


As you can see in the screen shot below, all these features are available also for the Zen Foundation theme that is quite popular with our users. You still can find the Talk Settings button on the toolbar (next to Search).

Talk within Zen Foundations Theme


To learn more about using new Talk, please, refer to our documentation. Custom themes are constantly changing, so if you run into problems when using your favorite theme, please, contact our support.