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Evernote Business Integration for Confluence: New Old Add-On

Those of you who use Evernote for notetaking probably have heard about our Evernote Integration add-on that lets you share notes from Evernote in Confluence.


The add-on offers a combination of nice features such as creating a new Confluence page from a note and Evernote search syntax support.  As far as privacy is concerned, the add-on doesn’t expose your notes unless you want to do so. It’s only you who decides what Confluence users should see, and no way anyone except you can access your Evernote account using the add-on. Evernote Integration proved to be quite popular with our users over the years and we were receiving quite positive feedback about it. Sometimes, people asked us to add some features, but given the fact that the add-on is free we didn’t have a lot of resources to invest in its development. This led us to the idea of releasing a commercial product that would include advanced features requested by our users. And here it is – Evernote Business Integration! This add-on expands the functionality of Evernote Integration with some new stuff. First, as the name implies, it supports Evernote Business accounts making the add-on more suitable for business needs. Now, in the note browser you can select whether you want to search for notes in your business or private accounts. import Second, to make sharing notes even quicker and easier, with Evernote Business you can get a link to your note in Evernote and paste it to Confluence. This will automatically copy the note to a Confluence page. Finally, we implemented what many were complaining about in the free version – task list conversion. Evernote Business transfers all these checkboxes from Evernote to Confluence exactly as they are enabling you to copy your to-do lists flawlessly. todo Ok, what about good old (and free) Evernote Integration? First of all, it remains free and will ever be so. We’re not going to abandon it in favor of the commercial add-on and will keep fixing bugs found in it. However, we will put more focus on Evernote Business Integration. So, most probably new features will appear only in the commercial version. Please, compare both add-ons and install a free trial of Evernote Business Integration.