Atlassian Confluence

Marketplace Analyzer: an Add-on for Add-on Developers

Integrate TeamCity and JIRA quickly and easily.

If you have any add-ons listed on Atlassian Marketplace, you’re probably interested how they perform compared to your competitors. Atlassian Marketplace provides the Top Selling rating that you can use for evaluating your product success.

Our new free add-on for Confluence spares you the chore of checking this rating manually. The add-on contains two macros: Marketplace History and Marketplace Position.

Marketplace History shows how your add-on was ranked over some period of time. You can configure this in the macro settings.


It may be a good idea to use the Marketplace history macro together with the default Chart macro as show below.


This way you get a nice, automatically updated graph of add-on’s position changes in the ranking.


If you’re interested only in the current position, Marketplace Position is your choice.

Both macros are updated automatically on a daily basis, so you need to insert them once and monitor your add-ons without further effort.

Feel free to download Marketplace Analyzer and give us your feedback.