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Table Filter 3.0.0 – Powerful Business Intelligence Tool for Confluence

StiltSoft team is proud to release Table Filter 3.0.0. Only new features and new enhancements that will let you increase your efficiency while working with tables in Atlassian Confluence. Now you can forget about MS Excel and start using Table Filter for data analysis and evaluation, generation of tables with summarized data and creation of charts and graphs with automatic update upon each data filtration.

New Macros, New Capabilities

In addition to Table filter macro, the add-on has got two new macros – Pivot table and Table chart. What do these macros allow you to get? Quite much. Now you can no longer be afraid of tables in Confluence. Just insert your table within one of the macros, configure the macro parameters and get your table filtered, summarized into a pivot table or visualized with the appropriate chart type. So let’s see these two new macros in details.

Pivot Tables in Confluence with Ease

Pivot table macro allows you to generate a pivot table on the basis of some repeated data labels from the source table. It supplies the aggregated values throughout the entire table and generates a table with summarized data. Just insert your source table into the Pivot table macro. confluence_pivot_table_macro_table_filter     Then you can quickly configure parameters of the macro and adjust the outputted pivot table to your actual needs. confluence_pivot_table_macro_configuration_table_filter The macro simplifies your experience with pivot tables and requires only selection of the column with row labels, the column with data for calculation and type of operation to perform. For better number perception, you can set the decimal and thousand separators and the number of decimal places. Once you save the table with macro, the add-on processes your table, summarizes it and provides the aggregated result in a pivot table. confluence_pivot_table_generated_table_filter You can further work the pivot table and change the configuration parameters on the fly without a necessity to edit the page and re-configure the macro. The newly applied settings are automatically saved when you click the Save Settings button.

Dynamic Charts in Confluence

Table chart macro allows you to generate the visually appealing and dynamic charts on the basis of your source data tables. A plenty of charts (including pie, line, area, bar, column and time line/area) allow you to easily visualize your numbers into a pretty looking charts for easy data perception. Configuration of the macro is quite simple and you will spend no more than a couple of seconds to get the appropriate chart on your Confluence page. The procedure is quite similar to configuration of Pivot table macro. Select the column with row labels or dates, then the column with data values and the type of chart to generate. confluence_table_chart_configuration_table_filter When the page is saved, you get a chart created for the selected data array. You can always change the chart type and the data set you need to visualize at the moment. confluence_table_chart_update_table_filter

Unlimited Macro Combinability

The extended combinability of macros allow you to use them in close connection with each other. For example, you can combine Table filter with Table chart macros, so your chart will be automatically updated each time you filter data in your source table. All you need is to place Table filter macro within the Table chart macro, and that is done. confluence_table_chart_table_filter_macros_combination In the similar way you can combine Table filter and Pivot table macros, so your pivot table will only include the required data. Don’t waste time and install Table Filter on your Confluence server and start using its capabilities for your business needs. Business analysis, accounting, summary reports will be no longer a problem for you. Be two steps ahead of your colleagues and spend your work time with much more efficiency you used to. Have questions or want demo, feel free to contact usSubmit your ideas or report an issue, we are open to your feedback. You can always try Table Filter on our demo server.