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Table Filter 3.1.0 – Manage Filters in the Page View Mode

StiltSoft team is proud to announce release of the new, optimized and enhanced version of Table Filter add-on. Version 3.1.0 has received new features that will allow you to become more efficient in Confluence while working with small or large data tables created manually or generated by other add-ons.

The add-on allows you to easily and efficiently filter table data in Confluence with the set of available filters. For filtration of data values you can use dropdown filtersfree text filters supporting regular expressions and the global filter that filters data throughout the entire table. You can also filter columns with dates and numbers with the corresponding filters that allow you to specify date and number ranges, as well as data format. Optionally, you can set default values for each filter in particular, set the width of filter boxes, enable automatic row numbering and define default sorting order for your table columns.

The key feature of this version is a capability to manage filters in the page view mode. Now all you need is just paste the table into the Table Filter macro and save the page. Afterwards you can just click the plus icon and add any filter type you want and, as well as add the column hiding box.


Besides adding filters, you can delete them by dragging to the bottom of the page, change order of filters of the same type, keep default values of filters, regulate width of filter boxes and save all your configuration updates in the macro body.


You can also set the default sorting order to multiple table columns for better data perception and save this in the macro body. Now you can export the table with the applied sorting order to Word and PDF too.


With the new version of the add-on you can also use the automatic row numbering in the ascending and descending order and and filter cells containing both date and time values.

Don’t wait and install the new version of Table Filter from the Atlassian Marketplace. Get an excellent and intuitive tool to manage tables and filter their data at once and with much convenience.