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InPlace Editor 3.0 for Confluence is on the way

Above all, Confluence is a perfect collaboration tool. However, a lot of users like Confluence not only for that. They also appreciate additional possibilities provided by add-ons that significantly improve productivity. Using different macros makes Confluence pages more beautiful and easier for perception. But the bad news is that some pages that are convenient for viewing can be inconvenient for editing at the same time.

We at StiltSoft are trying to create products which simplify life of Confluence users, and our InPlace Editor is one of them. It is much easier and efficient to edit one necessary section of a page than to edit a whole page. There is no need to scroll the page in the editor looking for the part you would like to edit, which is especially important when a page is big and frequently edited. Moreover, this feature is handy for small pages as well. You can always stay focused on one important text paragraph and not get disturbed by the rest of the content. Until recently InPlace Editor allowed to edit only sections with simple headings and did not work with Confluence layout and other popular macros.

InPlace Editor 3.0 brings in a major long-awaited feature

Despite the fact that it is only one new feature that is being implemented at this time, we think it is worth releasing a major version – version 3.0. Now, InPlace Editor can work with headers inside other macros and Confluence layout. If you structure your page content using layout…


…you still can edit it by sections:


…instead of opening a whole page in the editor like before:


You can make your pages more visually compelling (e.g. you may use the Info macro to highlight important information and the Numbered Headings macro for heading auto-numbering)…


…and edit only necessary parts of your page, either it is included in a macro or not. It is much easier to make changes like this:


…instead of opening a page (or part of it, if you use InPlace Editor) in the editor:


Great news, right? New version is coming out soon, but if you can’t wait, you may participate in beta-testing of InPlace Editor or visit us at Atlassian Summit.