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Sponsored Development: Virtual Agents for Bamboo Enhancement

The contact with StiltSoft was a pleasure, I was very surprised that they started to work on this extension without my final go, but I really appreciate it. They made it for me very easy to get all approvals done, showing a fully working system.

F.Z., Sr Development Engineer

Release of Virtual Agents for Bamboo 2.2.0 has been coordinated with Gemalto’s Software Monetization (SM) business unit – the market leading provider of software licensing and entitlement management solutions for on-premise, embedded and cloud-based software vendors. The Gemalto SM unit extensively use their own continuous integration server, but recently decided to migrate to Bamboo. The SM unit develops different software applications, so for them it is very critical to test them in different environments and see the behavior of software in different conditions and under various circumstances. The company plan to use Bamboo for deployment of builds to remote virtual machines and their further testing in the specific environment.


This became possible with Virtual Agents add-on that allows you to start remote virtual machines with build agents from Bamboo. Our customer uses the virtual machines for running acceptance tests and during the testing a lot of modifications are performed that may result in critical errors or bluescreens. To avoid such situation while performing deployment and running acceptance tests, they needed an option that was missing in our add-on.

What were details of the feature?

By default, Virtual Agents for Bamboo allows you to remotely launch virtual machines with build agents, but virtual machines are started in the state they were suspended last time. This was not convenient for the customer as they needed to start the virtual machine for deployment and running tests in the operational state. This became possible with adding a new option to start the specific snapshot of the virtual machine.

Now the add-on fetches the list of available snapshots from the selected virtual machine and allows you to select the appropriate snapshot for starting the virtual machine.


This has significantly simplified the user experience as the customer can now instantly start the virtual machine from the required snapshot and launch the series of acceptance tests. The best thing is that combining this functionality with the native requirements for agents, you can easily create complex but completely automated schemes for running your deployments and further software testing.

You can install the updated add-on version from the Marketplace. If you have any ideas, you can share them with us on the feedback forum or submit your support requests to our HelpDesk system. For the full list of completed sponsored features see this page.