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Be More Mobile with Evernote Integration for Confluence

Evernote is a popular tool for taking and managing notes. It’s powerful and flexible. Once you have created your Evernote account, you can use Evernote by signing in on the Evernote website and by installing an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you store in your Evernote account is automatically synchronized across all of your devices. Evernote notes can contain various content, e.g. formatted text, images, voice recordings, handwriting, attachments, etc. You can tag, share and search notes, and store them in notebooks.

Evernote Integration for Confluence Server is an add-on that allows you to post copies of your Evernote notes in Atlassian Confluence. A lot of Confluence users and teams use Evernote + Evernote Integration for Confluence to be more mobile and organized. Thinking how it can be useful for you? Here are some of the use cases to consider.

Use cases


Meeting notes

When at a team stand-up, a meeting with your customer or partner, it is very convenient to note tasks, requirements, questions, deadlines, major changes and other highlights in Evernote on your phone or tablet and later post them in Confluence, the place where your team organizes, shares and discusses such data.

Photos and images

Sketched a customer journey map on the whiteboard or a new layout of the landing page of your web site on a piece of paper and need to post a photo of it in Confluence? One of the quick ways to do that is take a photo on your phone camera, save it in Evernote on your device and then import a note with that photo in Confluence.

Inspiration on-the-go

Have you ever had an insight about a pending tricky task while “relaxing” in a traffic jam or in a train on your way to work? A solution seems great and you are inspired, but it all fades out by the time you get to your office and sit down to put it on paper. Don’t lose some of your best ideas. Go with your insight and develop that thought right away wherever you are. Save the highlights in Evernote as a text note or your voice recording. And when at your work computer, import your note into Confluence to brush things up and collaborate with others.

Blogs and pages

You can work on the content of your future Confluence page or blog post in the Evernote desktop app on your laptop, e.g. while waiting for your flight in the airport. And when back to your office, post that note on an existing Confluence page or create a new page via the Evernote template with formatting being preserved.

Let’s see how it works

1. Create a new note in the Evernote app on your phone or laptop

Note in mobile app

2. Open the Confluence page you want to copy this note to in the Edit mode, place your cursor at the point where you want to insert your note and select ‘Evernote’ from the ‘Insert’ menu:

Import note-1

or, use the ‘Evernote’ template to create a new page with a note:

Import note-2

3. Find the needed note

Import note-3

4. Insert it and save the page

Note inserted on page

You can also post Evernote notes in Confluence by pasting Evernote links. Learn more

Hoping it’s been helpful and gave you an idea about how you can benefit from using Evernote Integration for Confluence. Would like to evaluate it? Try it for free

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