Atlassian Confluence

Using one Confluence add-on for many things

Handy Macros for Confluence has been created as a bundle of simple and useful features. But we know how to get more from the add-on using a combination of these tools!

Manage your tasks with statuses

Use the easiest way to manage your tasks by creating a simple table and putting the Handy Status macro into this table:


Then click any status to switch it:


Creating a simple page approval workflow

You can also use the Handy Page Diff feature with the Handy Status macro to create your own page approval workflow.

Create a simple table on top of the page you need to review:


The reviewer looks through the page first time and leaves some comments. Then he switches a status to “Needs work” to let you know that the current iteration of review has ended.

You open the page and see these comments:


You make some corrections on the page and change the status to “Needs Review” again:


The reviewer opens the page and clicks the Handy Page Diff icon to quickly see what’s changed since his last visit:


Now the page looks fine. The approver acknowledges the changes, then clicks the status and switches it to “Approved”.

Moreover, you can also create a report with interactive statuses and filter these reports in different ways.

Congratulating your colleagues exactly in time

Sometimes you need to do some small but important things to keep good relations with colleagues. The simplest thing is congratulate them on their birthdays or on wedding anniversaries. But it’s really hard to recall such things on time when you have a lot of tasks that require your attention right now… This problem can be easily solved with a simple table and the Handy Reminder macro!


The Handy Reminder macro allows you to set up periodic or one-time reminders. You need to set a yearly reminder for each birth date of your friends or colleagues:


Controlling versions of software on your servers

This can be useful if you try to find out what version of the software developed by your team was installed on the staging server last Friday. Use the Handy Timestamp macro to track the current time during server update. Use the required date and time format and remember that no one can change the date or time in your timestamp! The Handy Status macro will help you to identify your environment.


Improving your content with the Handy Button macro

Replace your links by vivid buttons using the Handy Button macro:


Staying updated after vacation

You were on holidays, then you returned and found a hundred of emails from Confluence in your mailbox. You don’t need to carefullyread all these notifications anymore. Keep using Confluence and don’t miss anything.


See what’s changed on the page during your holidays in one click!


One add-on, multiple solutions

We use the Handy Macros for Confluence for our everyday needs and we are happy to share our cases with you. The usage isn’t limited to the cases shown in this post, it depends on your imagination and requirements. Create your own killing combos with Handy Macros and other add-ons! Have an idea? Share it with us!