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Table Filter and Charts: In Real Life

The third quarter of 2016 was very intensive and productive for development of Table Filter and Charts add-on for Confluence. We released two major versions of the add-on: 3.7.0 and 3.8.0.

These versions introduced new and cool features that allow you to do the following:

Over this time, we have completed a series of mini-tutorials highlighting the key features of the add-on and the way you can use them for your efficient work in Confluence.

Under no circumstances share these videos with your colleagues! Increase your efficiency and get promotion (smile)

Finally, we decided to prepare the full list of them and share it with our visitors and regular readers of our blog. Here they are:

1. Table Filter and Charts with Page Properties

In this tutorial you can find useful tips on how to organize your Confluence content with the Page Properties macro and further get automated reports with the Page Properties Report macro.

If dealing with lots of pages, one day you may need to filter them, or find out the number of pages related to the specific topic or category. So, here Table Filter and Charts add-on will allow you to do this.

2. Table Filter and Charts with Dynamic Scaffolding Tables

This tutorial highlights the creation of dynamic tables with Scaffolding Forms add-on. Equipped with a series of data input macros, this tool allows you to create tables that can be populated dynamically without a necessity to edit pages all the time.

After some time, such tables may grow too large, so you will have to filter it or summarize data in it. Table Filter and Charts add-on will be the right tool for this.

3. Table Filter and Charts with SQL Macro

This tutorial guides you through process of fetching data from some external system with SQL database and showing this on your Confluence pages. The data is pulled with SQL Express add-on from Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons (an Appfire company).

Considering that databases store large amounts of data, getting insight into this can become a real problem. So Table Filter and Charts add-on will do its best in table data filtration in Confluence, its further summarization and visualization.

4. Table Filter and Charts with JIRA Issues

With this tutorial you will find out how to show the list of issues from JIRA on your Confluence page and further filter it by one or several parameters without writing complex JQL queries. In addition, you will see the way to aggregate issues against specific parameters and further get visualization of issue distribution by status or assignee.

5. Table Filter and Charts: Adjusting Parameters and Options

In this tutorial you will find useful tips and tricks that will let you efficiently adjust filtration parameters and tune settings of the Table Filter macro for easy and efficient filtration of tables in Confluence.

Once you have watched all videos, it’s time to check your knowledge of capabilities that Table Filter and Charts add-on offers to you! Please take a quiz by clicking the button below.


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