Atlassian Confluence

What Inline Comments to Use in Atlassian Confluence?

Inline comments allow Confluence users to add their remarks, suggestions and questions anywhere on a page. You can have discussions in context and easily include others in the conversation. That’s a great booster for team collaboration as it makes your feedback loop very simple and more effective.

Inbuilt inline comments are available out-of-the-box in Confluence starting from the version 5.7. They provide basic capabilities that users need to add and resolve discussions inline.

Talk – Inline Comments for Confluence is an alternative to inbuilt inline comments. It’s the add-on that delivers a powerful solution with unique features and capabilities, such as working with comments while editing a page and applying viewing restrictions to discussions.

Take this 3 minute quiz to learn which tool, native inline comments or the Talk add-on, best suits your needs.


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