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Why Stride Takes Team Collaboration to a New Level

Stride is a new communication platform from Atlassian that has features many of its rivals lack.

Just recall how many apps you are using every day for team collaboration. We bet that at least two, if not more (smile) So it might be challenging not to miss anything in this flow of information.

Don’t you think it would be great to use only one tool for workplace communication that will be tailored to your requirements? Atlassian feels the same way.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the benefits of using Stride and will highlight its distinctive features:

  • Turning the ideas you discuss into actions right in Stride.
  • Making decisions together with your colleagues while talking the issue over.
  • Having face-to-face communication with teammates or partners worldwide.
  • Focusing on your work and getting back to your team in one click.

Talk less, do more

Atlassian has officially announced Stride to the world at Atlassian US Summit this year. The main idea is to encourage teams to talk less and do more.

Today we spend most of our working time having conference calls and chatting with colleagues using different communication tools. We have dozens of endless email chains and it is so tempting to immediately focus on the last message not to spend time reading the whole chain. At times we can miss some important information like decisions your team made or actions you need to take to get the work done.

Decide and Act

Atlassian Stride helps you to turn any message into action or decision in one click. These feature increases clarity and makes your conversations trackable. You can check the list of all actions and decisions at any time in a separate section on the dashboard called Highlights. Note that different chats (in Stride they are called rooms) have different highlights.

Boost your productivity with the help of Meetings

Stride allows you to move from any conversation to a meeting. It can be a 1:1 discussion or a group chat. Just start a voice call or a video conference with your colleagues and share your screen with them if required.

Moreover, you can join the existing meeting and add your teammates during the meeting. Your partners or clients who are non-Stride users can also join your meeting if you provide them with the meeting link.

Stay Focused

If you don’t want constant pings, messages, and popups to distract you from your current task, you can mute your notifications and hide the room activity dots by turning on the focus mode. It can be very helpful when you do not want to miss anything. Once you are back, you can review the unread messages and check the highlights.

What else to expect from Stride

Stride is free for the unlimited users. But you can also choose a paid version of Stride and have an unlimited chat history, Stride apps and bots for $3/mo per user, which will be for everyone in the organization and not per active user.

Starting soon, the Stride team will launch Stride apps to support such Atlassian products as Jira, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket. This integration will help to move your work forward from Stride.

  • Atlassian will upgrade all HipChat Cloud teams to Stride. Your HipChat Cloud will continue working until your team upgrades to Stride. After upgrading, HipChat Cloud will remain in ‘read-only’ mode. Hipchat Server will keep working the same way that it used to.
  • Atlassian will offer academic discounts for Stride, details will be released once available.

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Please, tell us about your favorite way to communicate with your team. Let us know if you find this blog post useful. You may also ask us any questions you have about Stride. Feel free to comment below.