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Pricing adjustments for Table Filter and Charts app

StiltSoft team want to congratulate you on the Christmas and New Year! We wish you and your families joy, happy achievements, and great love in the New Year 2018!

The Year 2017 was full of pleasant and encouraging challenges for our team. We have achieved great results in delivery of new features for Table Filter and Charts. In the past year we invested great resources to make our solution one of the most affordable and valuable products for data analysis in Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace.

But we do not want to stop on these results and even set more ambitious objectives in the New Year. We acknowledge all the difficulties and challenges that we will have to overcome for continuous delivery of the product tailored to your real needs and provision of timely and efficient support to you.

On March 1, 2018 we’ll be adjusting the pricing of Table Filter and Charts for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

This change for Confluence Server will impact all license tiers (except 10-user licenses). In the following table you can find the current pricing and the new pricing effective as of March 1, 2018.

License Tier
Old Pricing
New Pricing
25 users $60 $75
50 users $120 $150
100 users $200 $260
250 users $450 $600
500 users $800 $1,000
2,000 users $1,100 $1,800
10,000 users $1,600 $3,200
10,000+ users $2,100 $4,200

This change for Confluence Cloud will impact the per-user pricing that will increase by $0.05 (5 cents) for each licensed user. The old pricing for 10-user licenses will remain without any changes. The new pricing will be applied from March 1, 2018.

Why is it needed?

We are investing more and more resources into development and support of the Table Filter and Charts app. By making these changes in pricing, we’re ensuring the long-term viability of the product and its further expansion with new and cool features on a regular basis.

Since the last the pricing adjustment our product has received the following key features:

  1. New types of charts (Gantt, stacked bar, column, and area charts).
  2. Filtration of table data in the page edit mode.
  3. Filtration of images, checkboxes, and emoticons.
  4. Multidimensional pivot tables.
  5. Aggregation of data against date periods and number ranges.
  6. and many more features, reliability improvements, and performance updates.

What do I do next?

There is no rush to put all tasks away for later and go to the Atlassian Marketplace to purchase the app at its old pricing.

We have specially reserved the two-month period for you to be able to make the final decision and buy the product if you still have some concerns about the value that our solution delivers to your team.

Our existing customers also receive two additional months after the pricing adjustment to renew their commercial licenses or extend subscription at the old pricing.

We want to remind you that if you use Confluence Server you can purchase or renew the app for more than one year, and save sufficient amount of money on future license renewals.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Any questions arise? Feel free to submit your support request, and we will get back to you shortly.