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User Profile Manager for Jira Cloud Released!

We are excited to announce the release of User Profile Manager for Jira Cloud!

This new app should build a bridge between native user accounts and additional information about users that should be tracked in Jira. At the moment, native user accounts cannot hold additional information, and this is not convenient when you need to store additional details about users.

The User Profile Manager app allows you to view the list of all user accounts having access to your Jira and manage details for each user profile.

Once you open a specific user profile, you can view information about work, location, expertise, or just add some details about this person.

All the user details are available in Jira issues if the user is an assignee, reporter, or comment author. In such case you can easily find information about your customers and colleagues within the context of the issue.

Try User Profile Manager for Jira Cloud and manage additional information about users with ease!