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Launch of Product Advisory Program

We are thrilled to announce launch of the unprecedented Product Advisory Program for our new Cloud apps. This unique program is aimed at making you familiar with our new solutions for Jira and Confluence Cloud and our getting feedback from real users of our apps.

For each app we allocate 15 seats, so hurry up and don’t miss an opportunity to become our Product Advisor and contribute to design of solutions that other people will use worldwide.

Benefits for you

You may ask what benefits do I get after joining this program?

  1. You get free access to all our new Cloud apps that we have recently released. You can use them for free for the next 3 months since the moment you join our Product Advisory Program. After this period, you can continue your participation in the program for the next 3 months and so on.
  2. You get priority support for all your requests that relate to the Cloud apps you use.
  3. You can request the addition of new features into our Cloud apps for free.
  4. You can share your expertise and advise on our Cloud apps.
  5. You get Cloud apps that will be tailored to your actual needs and everyday activities.
  6. You can ask additional questions about the usage of Jira and Confluence Cloud.

Apps participating in the program

We have chosen all our new Cloud apps that will participate in this program. You can use any of them for free by joining our Product Advisory Program.

Here’s the list of our Cloud apps that you can start using right now:


We do not impose any special requirements on participants of our Product Advisory Program.

  1. The key and the only requirement for you as a participant is continuous usage of our apps in your company and their integration into your processes.
  2. The second requirement is the provision of regular feedback about usage of our Cloud apps.

That’s all! 😊

What feedback we expect from you as a participant

We expect to receive feedback about our apps from you on a regular basis. Feedback can fall into two categories, as follows:

  1. General feedback about usage of the app. This will be a one-hour online call during which we expect to hear how you use our apps, what issues you encounter, what features you need, and how the app fits your needs and processes. Such calls are initiated by us every two weeks. We pick the time slot convenient to you, so you needn’t adjust your schedule anyhow.
  2. Participation in planning sessions and UX testing sessions. This will include review of design prototypes and UX testing of the release candidates for UX issues and inconsistencies. Such calls will occur every month or upon release of a new version with significant changes in UX and UI.

In general, participation in our Product Advisory Program will not take more than 8 hours of your time per month. The expected duration of feedback sessions is 4 hours per month.

Terms and conditions

Below you can find the terms and conditions for joining our Product Advisory Program.

  1. You are using Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud on a regular basis.
  2. Your participation in the program is completely confidential. We will not use this information or mention your company in our public materials.
  3. Feedback sessions are a required part of your participation in the Product Advisory Program.
  4. All the feedback we receive from you will not be shared anyhow, as well as your personal data. We will use it solely for improving our apps and delivering more value to you and our end users.
  5. Skipping of feedback sessions is treated as a termination of your participation. In such situations we revoke tokens for our apps, so you can no longer continue using our apps for free. Anyway, we will notify you about this for several times. Due to circumstances, the feedback sessions can be postponed and re-scheduled to the time convenient to you.
  6. You can choose one, multiple, or all Cloud apps that participate in the program. If you see no use in a specific app, you can stop using it. Just let us know about this.
  7. You can extend your participation in our program for the next 3 months if you like it and you want to continue contributing to the development of our Cloud apps.
  8. You can terminate your participation in our program at any moment. Just let us know about this. In this case, we will revoke your app tokens, so you will no longer be able to use our apps.
  9. If you decide to switch to the general subscription to our app, you can request an additional discount.
  10. We reserve the right to use your feedback partially or in full for improving our Cloud apps in the way we want.
  11. Your feedback does not grant you any access to intellectual property or rights to our Cloud apps or our revenue.

How to join the program

To join our Product Advisory Program, just drop an email to or fill out the form below.

Any questions about the program

If you have any questions about the program, please address them to