Atlassian Jira

Release of Project Performance Dashboard for Jira Cloud!

StiltSoft team is happy to announce the release of the Project Performance Dashboard app for Jira Cloud. This solution introduces the series of charts that lets you dive into the performance of your development team and evolvement of your software projects.

The app provides the four types of charts, as follows:

  • Sprint Structure per Issue Type
  • Story Throughput
  • Team Velocity Per Sprint
  • Developer Velocity Per Sprint

Let’s go further and see what insights each chart gives you.

Sprint Structure per Issue Type

With this chart, you can analyze the structure of your sprints against issue types. Now you can easily track how many features are included into each sprint and how many bugs and issues are addressed from sprint to sprint.

As a project manager, you can easily see how effectively you are adding new features and stories from your project backlog into sprints and how many defects appear from sprint to sprint.

Story Throughput

By using this chart, you can estimate the number of stories that are completed within each sprint. You can monitor the distribution of stories from sprint to sprint and see how good your team is at adding new functionality in the project.

Team Velocity per Sprint

With the help of this chart, you can identify the correlation of story points between committed and actually completed tasks within the sprint. This way you can estimate the team velocity and better predict the performance of your team from sprint to sprint.

Developer Velocity Per Sprint

You can use this chart to see the detailed velocity in breakdown by developers, so you can see how each developer contributes per sprint. This information can give you hints on potential problems within your team and help developers cope with these problems and increase their performance.

What’s next?

Tracking the project progress and team performance is essential for each project manager. It is vital to understand how your team contributes to project development and identify potential improvements in your team performance.

With the Project Performance Dashboard app, you can get this information in Jira Cloud and further use it to nurture the performance of your development team.