Loyalty Program That Rocks

Hey All!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our loyalty Program for awesome customers and users of our Cloud apps. If you are using any of these apps, you can start earning months of free usage by fulfilling easy tasks. Here’s the list of apps that participate in our loyalty program:

We anticipate that you are asking a question, how do I get these free months of use. Sure, here’s the list of options to quickly earn months of free use for any of our apps.

Subscribe to one of our social media channels

You can subscribe to one of our social media channels:

For subscribing to each social media channel, you can get 1 MONTH of free app use. It takes usually one minute to click the Subscribe button, so we hope to reward you for your subscriptions.

Post an app review in the Atlassian Marketplace

You can post an inspiring app review in the Atlassian Marketplace or in the Manage Apps section of your Atlassian application. Your review should outline how the app helps you accomplish your tasks.

For doing this, you can get 2 MONTHS of free app use. Usually, it takes only 5-10 minutes to post an app review, so the bargain is pretty tempting.

Publish a post about the app on social networks

You can publish a post on any social network you are using, for example, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or anything else. Your post should contain the name of the app and the mention of our company @stiltsoft so that we can easily track this activity and provide you with a promo code.

For doing this, you can earn 3 MONTHS of free app use. 10-20 minutes to publish a post on social networks and 3 months of free use. We hope that you will try this!

Publish a post in Atlassian Community

Are you an active participant of Atlassian Community? If so, this option is for you. You can publish a post about our app how it simplifies your work or any lifehack about doing your job faster with our apps.

For such post, you can earn 4 MONTHS of free app use. Writing such story can take about 2-4 hours, so we hope that 4 months of free app use will compensate for your efforts and time.

Publish a post at or in your blog

Are you an active blogger? If so, help us spread the word about our apps and let other people effectively handle various tasks in Atlassian applications. You can write a blog post showcasing a specific use case with our app or a common overview of the app’s capabilities. It mostly depends on your preferences and your audience, so here you are free to do whatever you would like.

For such blog post, you can earn 5 MONTHS of free app use. Writing such post may take up to 3-6 hours, so we will be happy to provide you with 5 months of free app use.

Prepare a case study about how you are using our app

You can contact us if you can share your story about using our app in your company. The case study will outline what problem you had and how our app helped you address it. We will publish the case study in our blog, so other people will find out how they can benefit from using a specific app of ours. Your company mention will be in the case study; please confirm this with your legal department.

We will write a case study ourselves, so you just need to fill out a questionnaire during an interview and review the post draft for accuracy.

For doing this, you can get 6 MONTHS of free app use. The writing of a case study will take about one day at most, but half a year of free app use is fair enough.

How do I get my free months for app use

We will do our best to track all mentions of our apps, but it will be great if you could let us know so that we can issue a promo code for you almost at once.

Once you have posted anything about our apps, please send an email with the link to

I have other ideas on how to spread the word about your apps

Please contact to discuss all the terms. We are open to new ideas and suggestions and will greatly appreciate your ideas and other opportunities.

Can I exchange free months of app use for anything else?

Yes, we preserve such capability. Instead of free months of app use, we can provide you with some branded swag or a gift card, depending on your preferences. Shipment from us (wink)

Can I post multiple posts?

Yes, you can make several posts of different types or on different social networks. Here’s one exception. If you publish the same or almost identical post on multiple social networks, such posts will be treated as a single post. You can variate the look and information within the post to make every post unique and superb.