5 Add-ons to Extend Your Atlassian Dev Tools – Fourth Quarter 2016

February 7, 2017
8 min

Today’s post is closing our overview of the best products appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace during the 4th quarter of 2016. We’ve already shared our selections of top new add-ons for Confluence and JIRA. Now let’s take a look at 5 new plugins for Atlassian Dev Tools, Bitbucket and Bamboo, that we liked the most.

Top 5 new add-ons for Bitbucket and Bamboo released in October-December 2016:

Keep reading to learn about these tools and pick the ones you want to try.

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Bitbucket Repository Overview

This add-on can be useful for Bitbucket administrators who have to manage a lot of repositories. It allows to see settings of all repositories in one place.

Information included in the overview:

  • project name
  • repository name
  • the default branch of a repository
  • icon showing if forks are allowed for a repository
  • user and group permissions
  • branch permissions
  • pull request settings

The repository overview is available in Bitbucket Administration, so it can be accessed only by global admins.

It comes with the capability to copy settings (all or selected) from one repository to another.

Pricing: Bitbucket Repository Overview is available for Bitbucket Server. Its commercial license costs 75$ for 25 users; 150$ for 50 users; 300$ for 100 users.

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Mass Delete branches from Bitbucket

A nice add-on for Bitbucket Server that can help you easily manage your branches. It enables you to quickly delete branches that someone left behind after merging. It takes just a few clicks.

Mass Delete branches from Bitbucket adds the menu on the Branches page.

It’s quite flexible. Based on your needs you can choose:

  • All to delete all branches you have the permission to delete
  • Merged branches to delete all branches that were merged
  • Merged branches older than 6 months to delete all branches that were merged in the past 6 months
  • Merged branches older than 1 year to delete all branches that were merged in the past year
  • Select specific branches and delete them

Pricing: Mass Delete branches from Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Server and is free at the moment.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Bitbucket

A simple, but handy plugin that adds useful keyboard shortcuts.

When viewing a commit, you can create a tag by typing T.

While you browse a repository, you can press P to create a pull request or use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate between pages:

  • Shift+B to switch to the Branches page
  • Shift+C to switch to the Commits page
  • Shift+P to switch to the Pull requests page
  • Shift+S to switch to the Source page

Pricing: Keyboard Shortcuts for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Server and is free at the moment.

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This add-on is the integration with Plesk, the WebOps Cloud-based platform that provides a hosting control panel and ready-to-code environment. By integrating Bitbucket and Plesk, you get the solution that you can use to easily deploy, run, automate and manage web applications, websites and hosting businesses.

Some of the benefits and capabilities of Plesk:

  • handles the whole life cycle from installation, operation, maintenance and security of services
  • provides an integrated environment of services
  • infrastructure tasks are automated
  • provisioning and orchestration (subscriptions, service plans and resellers management)
  • comes with pre-defined security settings that you can modify
  • provides several authentication methods, web server security, network security, antispam and antivirus
  • intelligent maintenance (server-auto-repair, automatic database repair, log browser)
  • integrations for Developers (XML, API, Powerful SDK)
  • supports PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java,.NET

Pricing: Plesk is available for Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud. The add-on is free at the moment. However, you need to purchase one of Plesk plans to use the tool.

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Bamboo Queue Priority plugin

Bamboo Queue Priority plugin brings in more flexibility into the configuration of plans and builds in Bamboo. It allows you to choose the build priority when configuring a plan and influence the position of the build in the queue.

There are 3 priority options:

  • urgent
  • important
  • default

When a build with assigned priority is triggered, it gets automatically moved in the queue depending on the priority of the current build and other queued builds.

Pricing: Bamboo Queue Priority plugin is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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