5 New Apps to Supercharge Your Bitbucket – Third Quarter 2019

December 24, 2019
9 min

Last week, we shared our favorite Jira apps released in the third quarter of this year. This week, we are back with a new list of the most useful apps for Bitbucket released between April and June 2019. We’ve picked solutions that will help you enhance your Bitbucket experience.

The great news is that four Bitbucket apps from our list are free to use. So let’s take a closer look at them and their capabilities.

Review submodule changes with ease

This app may help those who are using the workflow of Git submodules. Users can view modifications to the submodules in the Diff tab as two commit hashes. They do not see the changes made to the submodule. Submodule Changes for Bitbucket is an app that helps collaborators effortlessly find modified files and perform PR review leaving comments and suggestions in pull requests.

Now you can watch the Blame view and see the changes committed to a submodule in the Diff tab as if they’re committed to the parental repository.

Try this app to simplify your workflow and reduce mistakes because it allows you to rapidly check Git submodule updates.

Pricing: The Submodule Changes for Bitbucket app is free to use.

Assign reviewer groups automatically

Assign Reviewer Groups allows teams to evenly distribute the workload among project members. You can automatically set up groups of reviewers to make sure that some developers don’t become swamped with reviews.

This app allows you to randomize users on each pull request using hot commands. You can also use this solution when only one member of the reviewers’ group needs to approve the PR, but the PR creator does not need to know who exactly will do the review.

With this add-on, you do not need to decide who to include each time for your PR review. Moreover, you can choose how many reviewers to add from each group.

Pricing: Assign Reviewer Groups is a free app.

Live code collaboration in IDE

TeamHub is an app for Bitbucket Cloud that takes your collaboration on code to the next level helping all contributors to work in real-time without merge conflicts. You can quickly get a live view of what your colleagues are working on.

What’s great about this app is that you can rapidly check who is online and what they are working on at the moment, which means that you will get access to working copies for the repositories that you only have access to. You will get a notification in case you make a conflicting change.

This app allows you to take advantage of collaborative editing making your cursor visible in the editor of your teammates.

Pricing: The TeamHub app is free to use.

Detailed license view

Centralized license visibility is a simple and straightforward tool that lets you monitor the actual license usage across all of your Atlassian products. This app requires the installation of Crowd 3.5 Data Center because you will need to connect your Atlassian Server or Data Center products with Crowd to get license usage data.

Now you can evaluate the actual license needs for your company because this solution helps you find inactive users or users who rarely log in to your Atlassian products.

This is a useful solution for Atlassian administrators because it helps them get a bird’s-eye view of license usage in their Atlassian environment. The information they get allows them to easily export and analyze their license data.

Pricing: Centralized license visibility is a free app.

Bitbucket security enhancement

BitLeaks — Secrets Leak Security prevents secret information leaks (API and Cryptographic keys leaks) into source code repositories. This app detects attempts to push multiple cryptographic keys & secret tokens and by default rejects any commits that contain sensitive information.

Use this app to avoid data/information leaks via Git repositories. This solution can be of great support both to newbies and experienced developers.

Pricing: The pricing of BitLeaks — Secrets Leak Security starts from $79 for 25 users and ends at $3,499 for 2,000 users.

Boost your Bitbucket experience

This was our list of fresh Bitbucket apps released in the last couple of months. Give them a try and share your feedback with us! Tell us more about the apps you like. Feel free to comment below.

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