5 New Jira Apps to Work Smarter – First Quarter 2018

April 13, 2018
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We’ve once again overhauled our picks for the best five Jira apps released in the first quarter of 2018, bringing you the true cream of the crop.

In case you are here for the first time, check out our previous Top five list of Jira apps. If you also use Confluence, you can take a look at our list of the five best Confluence add-ons of the first quarter of 2018.

So here is the list of our favorites that appeared in January-March 2018:

  1. TodoMe for Jira Server by TeamSphere.
  2. Doitbetter Calendar for Jira Server and Jira Cloud by Do it Better.
  3. ReqFLO – Requirements Management for Jira Server by Deviniti (formerly InTENSO).
  4. GoalFocus for Jira Server and Jira Cloud by Digital Toucan.
  5. Skills-Radar for Jira Server and Jira Cloud by Frank Polscheit.

We are certain that any of these apps will help you get the most out of your Jira.

TodoMe for Jira

TodoMe for Jira is a useful tool that allows you to create and manage todo lists in your Jira instance. You can add personal tasks or assign them to other Jira users.

When you create a new task you can add labels, web links, priority, and more.

This app shows you a number of your open tasks for today on the Jira menu bar, so you can easily access them from any site in Jira.

By default, your todos are not linked to Jira issues or projects. They are created separately letting you add minor tasks that can be completed quickly. However, you can link your tasks to your current Jira issues. This way you can split your issue into some smaller todos.

You can create new projects in the TodoMe console to group the tasks (note that these projects will not be added to your Jira instance). You can also add comments to your tasks clicking the message icon next to the task.

This nice task management and collaboration tool practically redefines how your team works.

Pricing: The price of TodoMe for Jira Server starts from $140 for 25 users and ends at $2,800 for 10,000+ users.

Doitbetter Calendar

Having a well-organized calendar is crucial for knowing what you need to be doing. The Doitbetter Calendar can help you get all team members on track towards achieving your goals. You just create as many calendars as you need choosing the projects you want to display.

So this app visualizes your tasks according to the Event start you have chosen.

You can have a quick overview of any task right in the calendar view mode. You can also share your calendars with your colleagues and set access restrictions to users or groups.

This app for Jira Cloud allows you to add your calendar to the dashboard to always have it at hand. You can also easily drag and drop issues changing the Event start and end dates. These features are in progress for Doitbetter Calendar for Jira Server.

This useful tool allows you to stay connected and on the same page with your team with the help of different features packed inside it.

Pricing: The price for Doitbetter Calendar  for Jira Cloud starts at $6/mo for 20 users and ends at $332.50/mo for 2,000 users. You can contact the Do it Better team to learn the price for Jira Server.

ReqFLO – Requirements Management

Successful requirements are the key to delivering high quality products. The ReqFLO – Requirements Management app is a powerful tool for requirement management. It helps you visualize your current project issues as requirements (just click the Import Requirements button) or create new requirements in your projects.

You can easily change the position of any requirement in the tree using a smart drag & drop feature. This way you can prioritize the requirements starting the list from the most important one.

To make sure that all requirements are tested, you can use the traceability matrix.

This solution helps you tailor your Jira to your needs and workflows.

Pricing: The pricing for the ReqFLO – Requirements Management app starts from $100 for 25 users and ends at $16,000 for 10,000+ users.


Staying focused on your goals can be hard when we have so much going on. Moreover, if you don’t write your goals, they stay in the abstract. The GoalFocus app can help you stay focused and organized. It allows you to set, track, and execute goals for sprints and projects.

You can fix all the steps you take to achieve your goal and track your progress. Your team can access the information about the set goals to stay up to date.

You can plan long-term initiatives and share progress with your stakeholders. So this tool can help you improve the productivity of your workforce and stay focused on what really matters at the moment.

Pricing: The price for GoalFocus for Jira Cloud starts at $28/mo for 20 users and ends at $770/mo for 2,000 users. For Jira Server the price starts from $50 for 25 users and ends at $10,000 for 10,000+ users.


The Skills-Radar is a powerful tool for HR management that helps you obtain a complete picture of your personnel development over the time and find the best matching tasks for your employees.

After installation of this add-on, every user receives access to the Skills and Proficiencies menu. The HR manager adds a list of different skills that can be required for various positions. Every user can rate him/herself accordingly.

Users can also take a test that measures their personality type. This information will help your HR department to better understand what kind of tasks can be assigned to each employee.

Every user can compare personal skills with some reference profiles set in the system.

When you create a new task, you can find the best matching job profile with the help of skill diagrams comparison (as demonstrated above). You just need to click the Assign by skills button. This way you can staff your projects with the right resources.

This app is a great solution if you want to identify the best skills and traits of each team member. It can also help you find some gaps your employees have and help them improve their skills.

Pricing: The price for Skills-Radar for Jira Cloud starts at $30/mo for 20 users and ends at $662.50/mo for 2,000 users. For Jira Server the price starts from $500 for 25 users and ends at $7,500 for 10,000+ users.

These were our five favorite Jira apps in the first quarter of 2018. Implementing any of these add-ons will definitely help you get your tasks done faster, better, and more easily. You can try any of them for free and make your own choice.

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