Awesome Graphs: Analysis of Pull Requests’ Resolution Time

January 16, 2018
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Due to numerous requests of our clients (to which our team DOES always listen!), we have added a “Resolution Time Distribution” report in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server and Data Center.

Code reviews help developers not only to improve the quality of applications and save money but learn from one another. Next time, every teammate can do better.

Bitbucket Server allows you to perform code reviews without in-person meetings. Teammates’ responses are recognized with the help of pull requests.

Our new report lets you analyze pull requests’ resolution time within your project. You will be able to:

  • see how long it takes to resolve pull requests;
  • predict resolution time of future pull requests;
  • spot what pull requests had the shortest or longest resolution times.

Resolution Time Distribution Report

For a better understanding of all the benefits, we suggest you watch a short video:

When forming a report, you can set a time period and the type of pull requests – merged or declined. Time distribution varies depending on the status.

Another useful feature is choosing the destination branch of pull requests. Then, you are able to evaluate work of your code reviewers and determine what parts of the project may cause delays.

We always appreciate feedback from our customers, so if you have any suggestions or questions, please, contact us.