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Connecting two worlds – OTRS and JIRA

This is a guest post from acocon GmbH – business division greenique, a German software development team and Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, specialised in process enhancement and IT service management. As enthusiastic users of Atlassian products such as JIRA and Confluence ourselves, we are here to make you love the tools for perfect teamwork as much as we do. acocon GmbH is also a Marketplace vendor that develops add-ons for JIRA and Confluence – making your teamwork and process management more transparent, more efficient and a lot easier.

The following blog post features our add-on PrOps for JIRA – Integrate OTRS that gives you the opportunity to portray entire OTRS queues and assigned tickets to a specified user on your JIRA Dashboard – combining two lists.

OTRS and JIRA: connect your service and project organization with PrOps

Since its launch in 2001, OTRS has become a reliable and established solution for IT organizations dealing with service management. The operational scenarios range from managing incidents over processing product specific requests or changes, to general IT support.

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Year in Review: Top-5 Most-Read Articles of 2016


2017 has just begun and we want to start off on the right foot. We analyzed the most trending topics in our blog over 2016 and created a list of featured posts based on your visits to our blog.

Here’s what you couldn’t get enough of in 2016:

  1. How to Integrate TeamCity and Bitbucket Server
  2. Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Bitbucket – Fourth Quarter 2015
  3. Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian JIRA – Fourth Quarter 2015
  4. Visualizing JIRA Data in Confluence
  5. Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian JIRA – Third Quarter 2016

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Manage Attachments Like a Pro in JIRA

Atlassian develops one of the most popular project management platforms in the world - JIRA. Millions of users take advantage of its capabilities when managing software products, running all kinds of marketing, operations, legal processes, or handling support or service requests through a virtual desk.

Flexible configuration, adjustable platform scalability, customizable interface, multi-tier permission schemes, and other things make this platform tailored to the actual needs of the majority of users.

But like all enterprise systems it also has some flaws. One of the most noticeable problems is a trivial mechanism of managing attachments. This affects most business and development processes as all of them are accompanied by creation of additional artifacts that are usually stored within the issues. And a great number of these files creates additional problems with looking up for the necessary attachment and preserving the order among a bulk of files.

No panic! There is a solution that allows you to cope with this problem and get an efficient tool for managing attachments in JIRA. And Smart Attachments add-on is the right solution for this!

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Agile Board Filter For JIRA Software: Smart way to improve your Agile task management process

This is a guest post from eXtensi, the SMART Agile Team – Atlassian Experts, Agile Coaches and Software Developers based in Poland. They know how to build excellent software. This blog post will highlight the capabilities of the Agile Board Filter for JIRA add-on, a super-fast Kanban and Scrum board & backlog filtering solution for JIRA Software.

They were sponsors of the Atlassian Summit 2016.

01. extensi-summit

JIRA Software is one of the best software development tools created so far. But even the best tools can turn your agile processes into a nightmare if not used correctly.

Lots of Quick Filters, large Kanban boards, huge Scrum backlogs and complex processes can give a headache. In worst case scenario JIRA can become a burden for the team.

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5 Add-ons to Power Up Your Atlassian JIRA – Fourth Quarter 2016 Review

The fourth quarter of 2016 has passed and today we’re glad to present our list of Top 5 add-ons for JIRA that appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace at the end of last year. 


By the way, to see the whole picture of featured add-ons for JIRA in the past year you can check our blogposts for the firstsecond, and third quarters of 2016.

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Evaluation of Team Performance in Atlassian Confluence: Part 1

Atlassian is the leading supplier of applications for enterprises of any profile and scale. Their robust platforms - JIRA and Confluence - allow millions of teams worldwide to efficiently run processes, manage projects, develop the accessible knowledge bases, and keep track of team and personal tasks.

A lot of teams use Confluence for tracking generic tasks and JIRA for project specific tasks. And the main issue that you as a project manager may encounter is a necessity to have a single list showing the overall workload of your team members. When using native macros you can only get two separate task lists. This factor may negatively impact the process of interpreting this data and understanding who and what is doing at the moment.

This blog post will feature an efficient approach which you can use for tracking team tasks created in both JIRA and Confluence and further evaluate team performance. You will have to set up two add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace:

  • TaskONE for Confluence combines tasks from both JIRA and Confluence and generates a single list of them. So you can quickly identify the workload of your teammates and work out a better project development plan.
  • Table Filter and Charts provides tools for filtering, aggregating and visualizing table data and task lists in particular. In this blog post we will show only filtration of team tasks, but in the next post we will show you the way to summarize tasks against individual employees and visualize this with dynamically updated charts.

So, it’s time to start the evaluation of the actual team load and performance!

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Smart Attachments and GoEdit Add-ons Integrated!

We are happy to announce the full-fledged integration between Smart Attachments and GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-ons.


As you know, Smart Attachments add-on is an efficient tool for managing attachments in JIRA. It provides you with attachment categories, access restrictions, bulk operations, workflow automations, and other features. All these capabilities simplify your experience with attached files and allow you to perform routine operations much faster.

GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-on is a superb tool for the instant editing of attachments in JIRA. This is a cross-browser solution that allows you to launch the default application for editing a specific attachment format on any operating system. After adding modifications, you get a new revision which you can save in the issue..

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Five Most Useful Add-ons of Atlassian Codegeist 2016

Every year Atlassian provides developers with an excellent opportunity to improve Atlassian products with some useful features and tools. And the name of this opportunity is Atlassian Codegeist hackathon. This contest allows developers from all over the world to transform their ideas and visions into real improvements for JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, or Bitbucket.

We at StiltSoft sincerely love Atlassian Codegeist! And it’s not only because we won Codegeist 2015 with our File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud add-on and our Awesome Graphs became Runner-up add-on in 2012. We love Codegeist for the challenging opportunities, fresh ideas, and competitive spirit.

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