How to Effectively Manage Attachments in Jira Cloud

August 27, 2020
6 min

A lot of teams are switching to Atlassian Jira Cloud for managing their projects and tracking progress on them. Work on projects is always accompanied by the creation of different artifacts, such as diagrams, mindmaps, prototypes, agreements, spreadsheets, and so on. How to manage attachments in Jira?

Work with all these documents and files can become a real problem for users, as Jira Cloud does not provide any convenient tools for document management.

Out-of-box capabilities

The native capabilities of Jira for managing attachments are pretty simple. You can upload files, preview them, and delete them. This is not pretty much.

attachments in Jira

To extend the capabilities of Jira Cloud you can use other apps that we will cover next.

Bulk Attachment Download

When you keep different documents in Jira issues, once you may need to back up them or download for review. You just need to specify the JQL query and look up for attachments matching this query.

attachment download in jira

Then you just click the icon and proceed to download of attachments from these issues. As a result you will get an archive with attachments from these issues.

Start a free of Bulk Attachment Download.

Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud

The Smart Attachments app firstly appeared for Jira Server. It provided capabilities for categorizing attachments, performing bulk operations, and automating routine operations on attachments. Finally, the version for Jira Cloud has been designed and created. Of course, it greatly differs from the server version, but it allows you to categorize attachments and documents with labels. You can assign labels one by one or with a bulk operation.

manage attachments in Jira

You can further group attachments against labels, uploaders, or upload dates. This way you can instantly see what files were approved, what are drafts, what files were uploaded and by whom, and view when files were uploaded.

In addition to grouping and categorizing, you can search for specific attachments by name, file format, and uploader. So that you can quickly find the required file and view it within the issue context.

search attachemnts in Jira

The app greatly simplifies the categorization of attachments and lookup for specific files.

Start a free trial of Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud.

Google Drive & Docs for Jira

This app does not directly deal with Jira Cloud attachments but allows you to connect your Google Drive for showing attachments from it. You just need to authorize the app within your Google Drive account, and that’s it.

You can add files from your Google Drive and your colleagues will be able to view these files and download them if needed.

google drive and docs for jira

This vendor also provides other solutions to integrate your Jira Cloud with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and other services.

Start a free trial of Google Drive & Docs for Jira.

What’s next?

As it may seem, there are not many solutions for the management of attachments in Jira Cloud. So if you have some specific cases or need some specific solution for managing attachments and documents, please address your requests to

Learn more about document management in Jira with the help of Smart Attachments. Keep following our blog updates.

5 New Confluence Apps to Become More Productive – Third Quarter 2018

October 12, 2018
#How To#Confluence
12 min

We receive a lot of positive feedback on our quarter blog post series that highlights the most interesting new apps for Atlassian products. So we created the articles on new solutions for Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket of the third quarter with renewed vigour (smile). You can check our previous blog posts featuring various apps for Confluence released in the first and second quarters of 2018.

Today we want to share our top 5 new add-ons for Confluence that appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace between July 1 and September 30. Here’s the list of our favorites that can help you optimize your productivity and boost your mood and creativity:

In this blog post, we will describe the features of these apps in more details.

Reactions for Confluence

Reactions for Confluence is a simple and useful tool that helps you add emojis to Confluence pages and comments. You just click the Add reaction button and choose the smiley that illustrates what you think about the content.

When you team creates something cool, clicking the Like button is not enough to express what you really feel. Moreover, this app allows you to add emojis not only when you are happy with what you’ve read but when you feel sad or even frustrated.

emojis in Confluence

Now you can easily respond to page comments using various reactions to express your emotions.

reactions in Confluence

You can use this app to save your time by adding your favorite emoji reactions to Confluence pages and comments of your teammates. This app allows you to communicate a full range of emotions.

Pricing: Reactions for Confluence is free to use.

Header Menus

The Header Menus app helps you add up to five useful tabs with the links you want to have at hand to the Confluence menu. All you need to do is to open the tab Configure Header Menus in the administrative console and paste the links to the websites you want to quickly access.

You can add your top-visited social media accounts and work-related sites. Now you are just a click away from all these useful links.

header menu in Confluence

You can easily organize all the links into categories. When you click any web site created with the the help of Header Menus, the app opens the link in a new tab.

header menu in Confluence

This simple tool saves your time and helps you stay focused on the web resources you are working with.

Pricing: Header Menus for Confluence Server is free to use.

Confluence Cloud for Slack (Official)

The Confluence Cloud for Slack (Official) app helps you take your team collaboration to new heights and stay on top of your work in Confluence, straight from your Slack channel.

You can set up notifications you want to receive and choose the pages (including child pages) and actions you want to keep track of. Moreover, you can customize this information either in Slack or in Confluence.

confluence cloud for slack

You can easily reply to Confluence comments without leaving your Slack channel or react with in Slack to like Confluence pages, blogs, and comments of your team members.

confluence cloud for slack

This app allows you to preview the links to your Confluence content you are sharing with your colleagues in Slack. With the help of Confluence Cloud for Slack you can take action on your Confluence content right in Slack keeping your interaction with the team productive.

PricingConfluence Cloud for Slack (Official) is free to use.

Space Fields for Confluence

The Space Fields for Confluence app helps you centralize your project related metadata. You can create various space fields in the Add-ons section of the Space Tools tab to track additional information about your project:

  • status;
  • metrics;
  • properties;
  • tokens;
  • strings.

This app allows you to create as many page fields as your project requires. You can set the access type for each field and reuse the public ones in other Confluence spaces.

After you create the space fields, you can create a new page in the space and insert the macros related to this app.

Space Fields for Confluence

This app provides you with REST API to fetch and keep your project properties. Now each Confluence space has an area that allows you to store and manage your project related metadata.

Pricing: Space Fields for Confluence Server is free to use.

Duplicate Page Titles (Same Page Titles)

Duplicate Page Titles (Same Page Titles) allows you to create pages with the same name within a space. In fact this app adds a special prefix to the page you create with the name that already exists. You can edit this prefix if you need and you will see it in the search box when you enter the name of the page.

Duplicate Page Titles

You can use this app when you want to create the same page structure for your technical documentation in one space.

Duplicate Page Titles

This app is very useful when you work on technical requirements, code reviews, release notes, functionality specifications, and other documents that require a well-defined structure.

Pricing: The pricing for Duplicate Page Titles (Same Page Titles) for Confluence Server starts from $100 for 25 users and ends at $3,080 for the unlimited number of users.

We hope that you will find all these solutions useful for your team and reveal their potential for boosting your team productivity.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog post below. Don’t forget to subscribe for email notifications about new blog posts in this series!

5 Add-ons to Advance in Confluence – Second Quarter 2017

July 20, 2017
2 min

2017 has passed its equator and it’s already summer time. And as usual we stick to our tradition to collect the five new tools on the Atlassian Marketplace. We have reviewed more than 50 add-ons appeared on the Marketplace between April 1 and June 30 and selected the five solutions that you may try.

If you have reached our blog for the first time, we want to remind you that this is a regular series of blog posts. To find out the list of add-on featured in the past quarter, see our 5 Add-ons to Boost Your Confluence in Q1 2017.

The current listing for the second quarter includes the following solutions:

It’s high time to see what benefits each of these solutions can deliver to you.

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Top-5 Add-ons to Enhance Your JIRA – First Quarter 2017 Review

April 26, 2017
1 min

We at StiltSoft have a good tradition: every quarter we look for the most useful and functional products among new add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace. And today we’re going to tell you about another batch of interesting solutions to make youJIRA better. These products appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace in the first quarter of 2017. Continue reading “Top-5 Add-ons to Enhance Your JIRA – First Quarter 2017 Review”

5 Add-ons to Boost Your Confluence – First Quarter 2017

April 18, 2017
3 min

2017 has already reached its quarter, and it’s time to introduce a new Top 5 of Confluence add-ons to you. All the solutions appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace in the first quarter of this year. We have examined around 40 add-ons published between January 1 and March 31 and selected the five tools that can help you to excel in Confluence.

If you are for the first time in our blog we want to remind you that this is a regular series of blog posts. For the set of all add-ons featured in the past year, see our final post in 2016.

The final listing for this quarter includes the following solutions:

Well, let’s see what capabilities each add-on delivers to you.

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Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Confluence – Second Quarter 2016

July 29, 2016
3 min

The summer has passed the equator, so the time has come to find out Top 5 Confluence Add-ons appeared in the Atlassian Marketplace in the 2nd quarter of 2016. We have reviewed about 40 add-ons (yes, the warmth has brought a plenty of new solutions for Confluence (smile)) that were published between April 1 and June 30. After this, we selected five add-ons that may interest you and help you work in Confluence.

This is a regular series of blog posts about the recently released add-ons, so if you here the first time you may get interested in our previous posts for the first quarter of 2016 and the firstsecondthird and fourth quarters of 2015.

Of course, there were arguments about which add-ons to choose into the post but after all here’s the final list of them:

Let’s install these add-ons and reveal their capabilities in real life.

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