Confluence InPlace Editor App

Provides easy-to-use editing of any page section.

This plugin doesn't require any revision or preparation of your pages – just install it and let's rock!


Confluence InPlace Editor - Install

No preparations are required. Works out of the box.

Confluence InPlace Editor - Save time

Save time
Don't waste your work time for long pages scrolling.

Confluence InPlace Editor - Get superpower

Get superpower
Being wiki-ninja requires to be fast. This plugin will make you fastest.

Gray separator

Edit links near headings

Confluence InPlace Editor - Edit-links near every heading

Edit-links will appear near every heading. Clicking "Edit" brings editor with content of the corresponding section only.

Popup editor for one part of a page

Confluence InPlace Editor - Edit only one part of a page

When editing single section you shouldn't find it on a big page and you can concentrate only on the text you are working with.

Confluence 4 powerful editor

InPlace Editor Feature - Confluence 4 powerful editor

Support of Confluence 4.x editor. You don't need to learn how to use any other editor. Version for Confluence 3.x with support of wiki-markup is still available.

Useful settings

InPlace Editor Feature - Enabling editor by spaces

You can enable the plugin only for certain spaces. Also there is option to show Edit-link only for specified levels of headings.