Sponsored Feature Development

Being an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and an Atlassian Verified Vendor, we have a plenty of ready-to-use solutions for key Atlassian products. Our rich experience and profound expertise in Atlassian Ecosystem allow us to develop robust and state-of-art apps for Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Bitbucket.

Having a lot of plans and features in our backlog, sometimes we find it is difficult to prioritize development of one feature over the other one. In this case, we usually see the features that our customers and users vote for on our user feedback portal powered by Customer Case.

If you cannot or do not want to wait until we start work on your feature request, we provide an option of sponsored feature development. It means that you can provide financial sponsorship of one or multiple features you want to have in any of our apps. Such features get the highest priority in our roadmap and we complete them in the shortest time possible. Development of these features is coordinated directly with you and we consider all your requirements and wishes during development.

If you are missing some feature in our apps, feel free to contact us.

Features we completed

Enhancement for Virtual AgentsRead more
Customer: Gemalto, Netherlands
Added the option allowing users to select the specific snapshot for starting the virtual machine for execution of Bamboo tasks.
The contact with StiltSoft was a pleasure, I was very surprised that they started to work on this extension without my final go, but I really appreciate it. They made it for me very easy to get all approvals done, showing a fully working system.
How We Improved No Email StormRead more
Customer: Mercy Ships, USA
Added the option to select the primary button either Save or Save & Notify for showing in Confluence editor.
Mercy Ships uses Confluence as a way to collaborate between our 16 offices around the world and our Hospital Ship off the coast of Africa. Keeping informed and aware of documentation, processes, and policies is crucial in our work. StiltSoft’s No Email Storm has made it easier for our users to Save & Notify watchers when important changes are being made and Save for repeated or minor changes reducing the unnecessary and overwhelming notifications in each person’s inbox. In addition, StiltSoft worked with us to make a minor change to their product that made it an even better tool for us. Thank you StiltSoft for a great and easy to use product and for being very helpful and responsive in your services!
Three Ways to Enhance InPlace EditorRead more
Customer: EPS Software Engineering AG, Switzerland
Added a capability to select individual heading levels instead of heading ranges, allowed a capability to define the space-specific configuration for Confluence spaces and revert to the global configuration. Introduced a capability to exclude the disabled heading levels from showing in InPlace Editor form when opening the adjacent editable headings of the higher level.
StiltSoft is a team of Atlassian Experts providing high-quality development and consulting services. Attention to details, in-depth planning, quick and polite responses and great support are their key characteristics. The development of a new feature in their InPlace Editor add-on was very professional with a valuable result. Thanks for your work!

Custom Project Development

Atlassian creates good products, but more importantly Atlassian creates a friendly environment that allows us to make their products even better. Confluence, Jira and other Atlassian products are highly customizable, which means that you can get tools made specifically for your objectives. We can tailor Confluence, Jira and other Atlassian products exactly to your needs making your business more effecient.

Projects we completed

Development of CRM Contact List for ConfluenceRead more
Customer: Philipp Eckelmann, Eckelmann AG
We created the add-on that adds the Contact List section into Confluence menu. Here, you can keep your business contacts as a simple list. While working on Confluence pages you can refer to these contacts by entering contact mentions via the '@' symbol in the way similar to mentioning users. While hovering over the contact you can instantly view the contact details or you can transition to the page listing Confluence pages where this business contact was already mentioned.
The overall perception of the collaboration with StiltSoft can be summarized in the word “professionalism”. We were able to establish a very agile approach with a high response rate (within a few hours). Together, we created the requirements for the final product in a very straight forward process. StiltSoft provided valuable input to the value proposition of the product as well as structure to the development process. The final piece of software is well documented and has been thoroughly tested by StiltSoft and us. Most important: the final product meets the requirements, we defined at first.
Advanced Statuses for ConfluenceRead more
Customer: PowerTask, Russia
Created the add-on that allows users to work with dynamic statuses in the page view mode in Confluence.
Cooperation with StiltSoft on this project was a fun for us. Excellent planning, bugless development and quick implementation are the key points of StiltSoft team. Development of this functionality was an essential need for us that's why it was so important to get it completed within the shortest time possible. The estimates StiltSoft provided to us were met completely so we were able to put this add-on to production and now we are happy users.
Project Budgeting in Atlassian JiraRead more
Customer: Forte Print, Russia
While creating the printing order, the customer encountered a problem with the slow collection of information from regional offices throughout the country. It was quite a serious problem to summarize and aggregate orders and find out the number of product items that their customers want to print. Our solution has brought the tools of automation that accelerated the overall process of order creation. Budgeting add-on has also resolved the issue with multiple mistakes that were made during manual order creation and selection of necessary product items. The add-on has proved itself as a stable and efficient tool for project budgeting and order creation in Atlassian Jira.
StiltSoft company has created Budgeting add-on for Atlassian Jira. This tool allows us to manage product items, make orders and generate reports on the basis of entered data. We are glad of work with StiltSoft and say thanks to them for the flexible approaches in coping with challenges occurred during planning and development.
Integration of Atlassian Jira and AsteriskRead more
Customer: Leading automobile security systems vendor, Russia
We integrated Atlassian Jira and the Asterisk telephony software. The integration lets the support operator see the information about incoming calls and issues connected to calls in Jira, as well as create new issues basing on the calls. The additional functionality includes call logging and connecting logs to activities in Jira issues, logging missed calls that can be returned right from Jira.
Integration of Scaffolding Templates into Atlassian Confluence BlueprintRead more
Customer: Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
The add-on substitutes existing templates in the Create menu with custom items, if these Confluence templates contain Scaffolding templates. Clicking a custom item opens a wizard that lets users enter parameters of a new page (numeration or a time-stamp based on template, label or position). After that the user gets to the Scaffolding editor. Flexible settings let the administrator enable the add-on only for certain templates and set a numeration method for created pages.
Atlassian Jira-based Task Management System for the Law DepartmentRead more
Customer: i-Free, Russia
We created a system that introduced email communication with clients right in Jira. All incoming client requests are stored as JIRA issues, and the employees can reply to them in the JIRA web-interface. The system design allows centralized email storing and reply reminders. We also implemented several functions that let department heads assign tasks in the department and track them.
Knowledge Base powered by Atlassian Jira and Confluence
Customer: Processing Technologies, Russia
We developed apps for Jira and Confluence that let users get knowledge base articles that are relevant to the current request (basing on the request type and labels), use a reply template, create a new entry in the knowledge base from the request or manually. We put a great deal of emphasis on performance and usability since the workload was quite high - thousands of requests daily.
We asked StiltSoft to develop a few apps for Jira and Confluence. What we got was a well-documented high quality product that was developed in a timely fashion and fully complied to our tasks. We appreciated effective communication with the StiltSoft team that swiftly reacted to our requests, understood customer's needs and was always ready to offer reasonable solutions.
Confluence-based Internal Information Portal for Customers
Customer: Data Solutions Group, Australia
The main task of this project was to develop a user-friendly Confluence theme based on the customer's design. It was important that the theme was well-tailored for tablets. Besides the non-standard navigation, the portal contained a set of new functions for effective communcation and information exchange between the customer and their clients.
Rather than deliver the bare minimum the team at StiltSoft exceeded our expectations. They are a valuable partner we look forward to working with more in the future.
Task Budgeting System for Atlassian Jira
Customer: One of the leading web studios, Russia
We developed a Jira add-on that sets budget limits for projects and their versions. Basing on time sheets and employees rates the add-on automatically calculates the budget expenses for each project enabling users to create a variety of reports. In case the budget is exceeded, adding new tasks to it gets blocked.
The StiltSoft team was developing an Atlassian Jira add-on by our request. We got what we wanted. All deadlines met, and some iterations took even less time than we planned. We especially liked Stiltsoft's thoughtful approach to the task and full concentration on our needs, as well as the readiness to offer reasonable trade-off alternatives in controversial situations.
Add-on for Timestamping Atlassian Confluence Pages
Customer: Leading software development company, Russia
A small add-on opens the time-stamp dialog by pressing a hot key combination or running it from the menu. You can choose the time format in the dialogue or leave the standard format. The added time-stamp looks like an uneditable section whose time and date can't be modified by standard means. The add-on is used for editing pages containing information about projects activities.
Knowledge base quality assessment system in Atlassian Confluence
Customer: Leading bank and financial software developer, Russia, UK
We developed a system that lets any knowledge base user to score any article available to them. The scores are used for creating the article rating for promoting reader interest in best articles and improving low rated articles. If articles get very low scores, the administrators and the authors are notified by email, so they can quickly edit the article.
Integration of Atlassian Jira and Task Management System
Customer: Web projects task management system developer, UK
We created a Jira add-on that connects a remote system by the REST protocol. When an issue is resolved in Jira, the time costs were sent to the remote system. The data were converted to a required format split by days with the length of a workday and the number of non-business days taken into account.