Talk App. Discussions within Confluence pages

Talk App enables you to start discussions and leave comments anywhere on Confluence pages.
Especially useful for technical writers, QAs and managers.
Try the plugin for free or visit our sandbox to view a demo!


Confluence Talk App Feature - Ask

Add your question, comment or remark to any part of any page.

Confluence Talk App Feature - Reply

Easily navigate between discussions and add comments to them.

Confluence Talk App Feature - Stay in touch

Stay in touch
Don't miss new answers and comments with email notifications.

Key Features

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Add discussion to page

Confluence Talk App Feature - Add discussion to page

Start a discussion with your team by leaving a remark next to the content you want to comment.

Answer to inline comments

Confluence Talk App Feature - Answer to inline comments

Navigate to embedded discussions by clicking their icons on Confluence pages. Join discussions without entering the edit mode.

Edit or remove comments

Confluence Talk App Feature - Edit or remove comments

Made a typo in your comment? Edit it. Your comment is not relevant any more? Remove it.

Good old wiki markup

Confluence Talk App Feature - Wiki markup

You can enter and edit your comments using the plain old wiki markup. It will be properly rendered on pages and in notifications.

Resolve thread

Confluence Talk App Feature - Resolve thread

When a discussion is over, you can remove it with a single click.

Email and Workbox notifications

Confluence Talk App Feature - Email notifications

When a discussion is created, updated or resolved, every page watcher receives an email and a Workbox notifications. If the Autowatch option is enabled in your Confluence user profile, you become a watcher after adding your first reply to a discussion.

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How can your team use Talk?

Talk App - Tech Writer Sample

Communications with technical writers

With Talk App, a technical writer can invite the team to discuss documentation designed in Confluence. If some parts of the documentation should be clarified, it's a good idea to ask an expert for help with the @Mentions function.

Talk App is a great tool for reviewing and evaluating documentation.

Talk App - Resolving Discussion

Filling the gap between emails and IMs

You use instant messengers to contact somebody quickly. You use email to contact everybody. You can use Talk App to contact everybody quickly.

Talk App is a fast and simple way to involve your team to discussions right on Confluence pages. Those who prefer email still stay tuned with email notifications.

Talk App - Manager Sample

Communications with manager

If your team updates team statuses in Confluence, it is handy to use Talk App to add comments to certain items of the task list, not to the whole page.

You can start as many discussions on a page as you want.