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Talk Plugin: Introducing Support for Atlassian Confluence 5

Check out the latest features of Talk – Advanced Inline Comments in our blog post Talk: Add Suggestions on Confluence Pages

Eagerly anticipated Atlassian Confluence 5 brought lots of new stunning features that seem to be warmly received by the users. For example, the new version introduces the revamped global header and sidebar that make navigation easier. And with the Create button, you’ll be able to create content from anywhere in Confluence. So it’s not surprising that many plan an upgrade to the new version.

Following the trend, we released a new version of Talk Plugin, add-on that allows you to insert your comments right on Confluence pages. With Talk, you can discuss problems with your colleagues, use Confluence mentions and removed discussion threads when the problem is solved. It looks like a commenting feature in popular word processors and is incredibly useful for technical writers, especially those working in distributed teams.

Talk scored almost 1,000 downloads on Atlassian Marketplace, so we felt that we needed to release a version that would be compatible with the new Confluence.

We tried hard to keep up with the standards set by Atlassian and tested Talk thoroughly on Confluence 5, so you can be sure that it will cause any problems after an unpgrade. And don’t worry if you’re still using Confluence 4.x, you can install Talk 1.7.1, it works flawlessly on this version and moreover fixes some annoying bugs.