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Evaluation of Team Performance in Atlassian Confluence: Part 1

Atlassian is the leading supplier of applications for enterprises of any profile and scale. Their robust platforms - JIRA and Confluence - allow millions of teams worldwide to efficiently run processes, manage projects, develop the accessible knowledge bases, and keep track of team and personal tasks.

A lot of teams use Confluence for tracking generic tasks and JIRA for project specific tasks. And the main issue that you as a project manager may encounter is a necessity to have a single list showing the overall workload of your team members. When using native macros you can only get two separate task lists. This factor may negatively impact the process of interpreting this data and understanding who and what is doing at the moment.

This blog post will feature an efficient approach which you can use for tracking team tasks created in both JIRA and Confluence and further evaluate team performance. You will have to set up two add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace:

  • TaskONE for Confluence combines tasks from both JIRA and Confluence and generates a single list of them. So you can quickly identify the workload of your teammates and work out a better project development plan.
  • Table Filter and Charts provides tools for filtering, aggregating and visualizing table data and task lists in particular. In this blog post we will show only filtration of team tasks, but in the next post we will show you the way to summarize tasks against individual employees and visualize this with dynamically updated charts.

So, it’s time to start the evaluation of the actual team load and performance!

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Extend Quizzes for Confluence with Table Filter and Charts Add-on

With Quizzes for Confluence you can create tests and quizzes to assess job candidates, evaluate the skills and knowledge of employees, set up training courses in Confluence. You can assign a quiz to participants (including people without a Confluence account) by sharing a quiz link via email or set up a page for self-enrollment to let users select and take quizzes at their pace.

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence provides filters, pivot tables, charts and graphs that you can use for basically any table in Confluence, including tables generated by Quizzes.

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Smart Attachments and GoEdit Add-ons Integrated!

We are happy to announce the full-fledged integration between Smart Attachments and GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-ons.


As you know, Smart Attachments add-on is an efficient tool for managing attachments in JIRA. It provides you with attachment categories, access restrictions, bulk operations, workflow automations, and other features. All these capabilities simplify your experience with attached files and allow you to perform routine operations much faster.

GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-on is a superb tool for the instant editing of attachments in JIRA. This is a cross-browser solution that allows you to launch the default application for editing a specific attachment format on any operating system. After adding modifications, you get a new revision which you can save in the issue..

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An Efficient Way to Edit Pages with Large Tables in Confluence

Atlassian Confluence is a well-known team collaboration platform in the world of IT. It provides efficient tools for content authoring, its further sharing and updating by all team members from any place in the world.

Now everybody can contribute to the existing database of digital information, refresh the obsolete knowledge base articles or produce new documentation for the existing products or services.

Being a global platform tailored to multiple audiences and objectives, Confluence provides sufficient capabilities for creating content-rich pages, managing structure of tables, and updating data values in them. But, the ideal solution never exists, and so Confluence has several issues with editing large pages and processing table data, such as filtration or aggregation.

In this blog post, we will feature a pretty quick and easy way to work with large tables on Confluence pages with the two add-ons of ours, as follows:

  • InPlace Editor - this add-on allows you to edit the long pages as independent sections separated by headings of specific levels.
  • Table Filter and Charts - this business intelligence solution allows you to filter table data of any complexity, aggregate it in the form of multidimensional pivot tables, and generate the vivid dynamic charts on the basis of raw or processed table results.

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What to Choose for Team Collaboration: Atlassian Confluence or Google Docs?

Any team needs a convenient way to organize and discuss their work. Suitable team collaboration software is a big help when you need to create a knowledge base, share files, plan projects, collaborate on tasks, store and distribute documentation.

If you’re chosing between Atlassian Confluence (an application designed for teams to share information and work together in one place) and Google Docs (an online word processor that allows you to create, collaborate and share work documents using Google Drive service), this comparison can help you decide which tool is the right solution for your team.

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Case Study: How Nuance takes advantage of Virtual Agents

Great plugin, we use it to revert our agents to a clean snapshot. Works fine, and many thanks to the StiltSoft team for the fast help and support.

Siegmar Marseiler

Nuance Communications International

Nuance is the provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Nuance technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses, experience Nuance by calling directory assistance, getting account information, dictating patient records, telling a navigation system their destination, or digitally reproducing documents that can be shared and searched. Making each of those experiences productive and compelling.

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StiltSoft Meets Red Cross Society

What do you know about first aid?

Ok, we think most of you know pretty much about how to help someone who gets in trouble. But what if you need to help a stranger on the street, for example, tonight on the way home? Would you be able to cope with the stress? Or would your fragmentary knowledge be sufficient enough to aid? I hope so! Continue reading

What Inline Comments to Use in Atlassian Confluence?

Inline comments allow Confluence users to add their remarks, suggestions and questions anywhere on a page. You can have discussions in context and easily include others in the conversation. That’s a great booster for team collaboration as it makes your feedback loop very simple and more effective. Continue reading