Stiltsoft Partner Program
At Stiltsoft, we recognize how important both our partners and customers are that is why we invite you to join our Partner Program.
About Partner Program
Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive training materials and resources, free app licenses, promo codes, and more. If you apply, you save time and effort of your sales team with the help of our training course and demos on demand.

The Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence app participates in our own Partner Program.
Free Licenses
Try out the latest features internally and give live demos to customers
Promo Codes
Become a partner to get up to 20% discounts to have the best deal to offer your clients
App Training
Take our training course to be well-prepared for customer questions
Enablement Materials
Access to pitch decks, one-pagers, and other marketing materials you can show your sales team and customers
Let's work together to better promote each other! We can create guest blog posts, joint webinars, and more
Demo On Demand
Stay up-to-date with the help of technical training or invite us to pre-sales demos to better showcase the apps
How To Apply
Contact us
Let us know you if want to become our Partner. Drop us a message
Complete training
Five people within your company will need to complete the training – we will send you all details after you apply.
Become our Partner
After completing the training, we will provide you with up to 20% off promo codes for a specific period.
Get access
You'll get access to our partner portal with promo materials and codes.
Maintain your status
We want you to stay up-to-date with our features and product development roadmap. That is why we offer you to extend the participation after the expiry of the promotions provided to you. Contact us is you want to proceed.
Our partners
Apply for our Partner Program
Other Stiltsoft apps participate in the Standard Discount scheme for Atlassian Marketplace Products.