Meet Stiltsoft
Stiltsoft is a distributed team with a head office in Tallinn, Estonia. Helping 15 000 companies across more than 80 countries get things done more efficiently with the help of our apps.

Committed to making a better experience with Atlassian products, growing, and profitable.
Stiltsoft Story
Our story began in 2010 when our CEOs, Maxim and Alex, lacked some features in Atlassian Confluence while they were working on their projects. They created their first plugins for Confluence to improve their work efficiency.

Our logo literary means “Soft on stilts” that helps users overcome their difficulties using our apps for Atlassian products.

Today, we help teams to accomplish their goals with our solutions that are easy-to-use and look like native features of Atlassian products.
Stiltsoft Team
People are the driving force of Stiltsoft. Now we have 5 independent product teams that develop 25+ applications.

We use the applications we develop ourselves. This way we get unique insights, better understand the value of our products, and improve their quality.

We are open to new ideas and work together on products, processes and ourselves.
Uladzislava Kastsitsyna Product Marketing Manager
As a Product Marketing Manager in the Awesome Graphs team, I have very diverse tasks that span from communication with clients to conducting market research for a new feature. My team is very open to experiments - every idea is discussed and considered. It requires getting comfortable with discussion and receiving criticism, though. To me, it is a very valuable aspect of working at Stiltsoft, because I feel both heard and motivated to become a better specialist.
Uladzislava Kastsitsyna Product Marketing Manager
Yuri Karnilaev Software Engineer
The company has five product teams, and each team can have its own way of working and organizing the development process. My teammates are located in different countries, so we mainly communicate online. I value our open and polite communication style. It's also essential to be prepared to collaborate, give feedback, and reflect on our work as a team. When we seek new team members, we're selective about who we bring on board. That's why I'm delighted to work with smart, skilled, and friendly colleagues.
Yuri Karnilaev Software Engineer
Iryna Belaya Product Manager
What can I say about a company where bosses not only initiate but also attend and do the homework for a training on non-toxic communication in a team? 🙂 Working at Stiltsoft is like being back to university: we continuously learn, experiment, share knowledge, build communities, and hang out together. It fosters us being more comrades rather than just colleagues. As for me, safe and supportive surroundings helped to unleash my proclivity for exploration, public relations, and creative thinking. Stiltsoft has definitely transformed my perception of what the work environment can look like in a positive way.
Iryna Belaya Product Manager
Natalie Paramonova Product Manager
I am happy to be with Stiltsoft. Friendly and supportive atmosphere, a reliable team - that’s valuable for me. Besides that, I’ve never been bored with my work. I work on different tasks and accept new challenges all the time. It always motivates me when everyone in my team is wholeheartedly involved in work and building a good product. All the teammates are engaged in achieving common goals and improving our customers’ experience. It is very moving to receive feedback and gratitude from our clients. 🧡 
Natalie Paramonova Product Manager
Alexander Ovsyannikov Software Engineer
Working at Stiltsoft is different. You can work remotely or enjoy coffee breaks in the office. Join sports activities or watch a movie with your teammates. You decide what helps you stay focused. What is true for all is engagement and motivation.
Alexander Ovsyannikov Software Engineer
Anastasia Bek Product Marketing Manager
The culture of peer-to-peer learning and experience sharing is strong here. Our Community of Practice (CoP) is where everybody can participate. Reflections from courses, ways to improve processes, results, and takeaways from experiments – you name it, and it is always complimented with pizza or sushi in the office.
Anastasia Bek Product Marketing Manager
Katerina Rudkovskaya Technical Support Engineer
At Stiltsoft, I experience stability and strong support from both my leaders and colleagues. Our team is composed of skilled professionals, and I'm excited to be part of it. It is especially valuable that we communicate and make decisions collaboratively. In our close-knit team, we have an open atmosphere where everyone can share their thoughts. This helps us discuss different things from various angles. We also spend time together outside working hours which makes our team even stronger. I appreciate the company's care about our comfort. We can acquire what we need, participate in events, and engage in team-building activities, which fuels our motivation.
Katerina Rudkovskaya Technical Support Engineer
Get to know how we work
Stiltsoft Environment
People & Open
People are the driving force behind Stiltsoft. That is why we don't have stressful interviews and always share feedback with our candidates. We support dialogue and understand that even the most skillful pros make mistakes, and it's OK that sometimes things don't work out the way we had planned.
We value common sense and for that reason we don't have time-tracking systems or strict deadlines. Our teammates can work from anywhere they prefer as long as they perform their best work.
We hold biannual performance review that can lead to possible salary revisions. During the review, we rely on the results of the work, completed tasks, and feedback from the team leader and colleagues.
We equally listen to the ideas of new people and those who have been working with us a while. 
We are ready to support ideas related to work processes as well as non-work-related activities. In this case, it's important to be ready to present the value of the idea or experiment and drive it.

Once a year, we have internal hackathons with a variety of cool prizes. Some of our apps were actually born during the hackathon.
Under a horizontal structure, we can easily reach out to anyone, be it your teammate or the company owner. Instead of multiple daily calls, we are OK with one or two team calls a week to stay on the same page. We don't need a bunch of approvals to buy a new laptop or set up a home office - just contact the right person via Slack.
Development & Learning
Learning starts with your first day of onboarding and continues throughout the time with us.
Each team has a code review process that allows to learn and exchange experience.
Employees can easily buy the required course, training, or conference pass using the company's budget. 
We also regularly hold internal Community of Practice meetups to share experiences.
Our company has five сross-functional product teams. Each team handles the development, promotion, and technical support of multiple apps. 
We set common strategic company goals, and each team has the freedom to develop the apps in their unique way to achieve these goals. We adhere to a T-shaped work style.
To further support team independence, we offer each team a separate budget to experiment and try out new tools and services.
Get to know what we love
Stiltsoft Activities
We support the IT community as sponsors of DevClub meetups and open-source projects (WebPack, JUnit). We also participate in Atlassian community events and grant free app licenses to OpenSource projects.
Extra mile benefits
Our company provides health insurance, extra vacation days, and paid incentives for sports. You can also equip your workspace, whether you work in the office or at home, and participate in corporate parties and team-building events.
Annual hackathons
The first hackathon was a trial challenge for our teams to design a comprehensive solution for addressing everyday problems of colleagues. Some of the apps are available on the Marketplace.
Join us!
If you want to join our awesome team, feel free to drop us your at