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Talk Plugin Tips: Using Talk Plugin with Include Page Macro in Atlassian Confluence

The Include macro is a powerful tool that facilitates authoring and maintaining documentation in Atlassian Confluence. With this macro installed on your company wiki, you can gather different pages content on one page.

To get a clear understanding of how it works let’s imagine that Alice and Bob take part in a space exploration project. Alice is the mastermind of the Mars colonization project, she is in charge of gathering and analyzing requests for the future Mars mission. The requests are collected in Confluence for sharing with the rest of the team.

The Bob’s role in this project is coordinating the mission start date and length. To do that Bob created a page in company’s Confluence and posts all the necessary info on it.

Other colleagues are deeply concerned with the future of mankind and ask Alice and Bob lots of questions about the mission. To discuss these questions effectively the company uses Talk Plugin for Confluence that provides inline commenting helping the team stay focused on a problem without loosing the discussion context.

However, switching between Bob’s and Alice’s pages is really painful and takes a lot of time. A better solution might be to create a page and use the Include macro for gathering the content authored by Bob and Alice in one place.

Please note that besides the content itself, the Include macro also copies Talk discussions that can be continued or solved without leaving the main page!

This functionality is available for Talk Plugin 1.6.0 or higher. Download it from Marketplace and generate a 30-day trial license to see if it suits your needs. If you’re eager to test drive the plugin right now, visit our Sandbox and see it in action on-line.